Arlene 2 is a 2003 2D animated sequel to Arlene.


Prologue(BA: Before Arlene)

Over 7 years before the first film, we see The Galactic Comets as they were in the past. Tiberius, Thomas, Tabitha and the rest of the members work on a creature of strong proportions. However, it awakens and bust through the tube and escapes, wreaking havoc. The creature is eventually captured and sent to a military-armed protection center. They’ve not been all that great at first and it was one of them that got their leader to abandon the team. The GC got a new leader and continued to create more creatures and they actually worked. But it wouldn’t be long until their last creature they made before the leader left would come back and annihilate Mystico completely. The Mystico citizens, however, successfully evacuated and escaped the planet and went out to find a new home. The GC also split up with 3 of them following the people and the remaining 3 heading to the protection center to guard their creatures


We take a look at the outer regions of Mystico, where we see a ship going in warp speed. We can’t see the passenger, but we might know who it could possibly be. As it heads through the cosmos, it would take long until they would end up near Earth. On the way to earth, not paying attention, they crash right into Tiberius’ ship, sending both ships to crash down to earth, heading towards...Tawaho?

Arlene Today

As we head to DiamondVille, we see things are completely serene and peaceful. We see Arlene taking a walk around DiamondVille saying “Hello” & “Good Morning” to everyone she knows. She, however, notices something about some of the people she has greeted, but sure. In case you’re wondering, the people she greeted had something Arlene doesn’t. Realizing that, she started having a feeling of small depression. What she was missing sounded vital. She went and sat on a bench at the park and saw more people as well as a few animals with another. She started to feel a little more lost to a point she shed a small tear.

On her way back home, Mayor Weber and Valerie saw Arlene looking down. They came up and asked if she was feeling alright. Arlene said she feels like somethings missing. Weber and Valerie looked confused and asked what she means. She explains she saw everyone with something, or in her case someone, and she doesn’t have that. Valerie caught up with that Arlene was saying and told her what she’s missing is a someone. Arlene was confused. Mayor Weber explains to Arlene that she talking about a love interest. Arlene got that and realized what she needed, but she then told them what are the chances she’ll meet someone who would date a creature. Valerie tells her to think about it and that those who love you love you for who you are not what you are. Arlene took her word for it and thanked them for the talk and, not paying attention, she bumps into someone by accident. She got up, apologized for that, and help him back up. After doing so, she looked back at him and suddenly felt a feeling that there was something about him that makes him, how they say, cute. She snapped out of it and tried to continue on without embarrassing herself. She may have felt like she found someone, but he didn’t find her.

What is Love?

Arlene felt like she knew who she want, but she wasn’t fully sure on what love really was. She pulled out the dictionary, encyclopedias, wikipedias, etcetera, but she still doesn’t fully understood love. Tiffany came in and saw Arlene’s room a mess of books. She asked what the heck she was doing. Arlene explains she’s looking up love. Tiffany looked confused and asked why was she looking up love and shouldn’t she know. She explains she probably knows what it is, but she’s wondering what it actually was. Tiffany explains love is a feeling of bonding with a man(or a women) as more than just a friend. She then asked Arlene why she was wondering about this. Arlene then tells her that she was missing something in her life and that‘s a very special someone. She says she may have found someone, but she’s too afraid he’s not gonna want her. Tiffany says that why not have him ask you. Arlene saw the idea, but wondered if he would love her for who and not what.

Tiberius, coming in unannounced and out of breath, passed out on Arlene’s bed. Arlene asked what was going on. Tiberius said he and his friends were just observing the nature of the island and they saw 2 meteors crashing down in the mountain oasis. He then ended that he doesn’t wanna discuss it cause it almost managed to hit him. As Arlene tried to help him calm down, Tiberius got up and slipped on a book. He then asked why was all of these books on the floor. Arlene says she was studying love. Tiberius noticed Arlene look a little red the moment she told him. He saw that she must’ve had a crush on someone. He then explains the time he once found his true love. Listening to what he did inspired Arlene to take a chance with who she thinks is her true love.

Meet Taylor

Arlene went all over DiamondVille, looking for that guy. It took her hours, but by the time she was about to take a break, she still hasn’t found him. But, then, she sat down on the bench and found him sitting next to her. She jumped in shock and fell down. The guy helped her up and apologized if he scared her. She tried to tell him that that’s ok but she began to stuttering. She tried to take a few deep breaths to help her focus. She gave him a hand and introduced herself, “I’m Arlene”. He then decided to introduce himself, “The name is Taylor”. Arlene chuckled saying that’s a cool name. They’ve been mostly silent for a few moments. You begin to wonder if they’re getting along or not. Arlene then came up and asked Taylor if he could maybe hang out sometime. He joked that they’re hanging out right now. She began to chuckle again, saying she meant next time. He then started to laugh back at that. Maybe it’ll turn out better once they know each other.

As they started getting along, an emergency alarm went of in the town. Valerie spoke on the speaker telling everyone to get back to their homes. Something was heading for DiamondVille. As Arlene immediately tried to head back home, she realized that this was her chance. Taylor was alone and everyone else was rushing through them as they tried to hurry home. Arlene gathered the courage and help Taylor out of the stampede. In doing so, she offered him help back to his home. However, he said he doesn’t have one though. He claims he’s recently moved here. She then felt pretty sorry for him, especially since this is the moment he needs it. Arlene offers Taylor to let him come to her home. He felt pleased that she was willing to let her stay until all this blows over.

Along Came the Monster

Bringing Taylor into the house, Arlene rushes him to her room barricaded themselves. Taylor thanks Arlene for helping him find shelter from what’s happening. She says it’s what she does for others. He adds that he’ll hide behind the closet so he doesn’t blow their cover from whatever is happening. She took his word for it and then tried to find a place in her room to hide. She begins to wonder what is even out there.

Everyone manages to get into their houses and just in time. As DiamondVille look completely empty, a monster slammed down onto the ground, roaring loud like Godzilla. It also looked like something was riding on its back like it was controlling it. It was a man covering his identity with a cloak and hood. As the monster was walking aimlessly, it was looking for living souls like it was its dinner. Arlene began to hear it and tried to slowly and carefully go to the window and try to get a better look of it without it seeing her. The monster looked toward the one riding his back saying he doesn’t see anyone here at all. The man told him there has to be some living creature. It looks like this place is populated from its surroundings. They began to argue that this feels like a waste, but what they said next took Arlene by complete surprise. The monster said, “I’ve been trying to tail down Mystico’s citizens and this is where I end up?!”. Arlene felt traumatized, she felt like panting, but that would blow her cover. She tried to hold it in. The man then decided to tell him if he can’t find anyone, we’ll have to leave and try to catch them by surprise. The monster took his word for it and then they left.

As Taylor peeked out of the closet, he asked if it was safe to come out. Arlene, looking a little woozy, said she thinks it’s safe. He came out and saw Arlene look like she’s seen a banshee. She began to murmur, “He was looking for Mystico???”. Taylor asked what she was saying. Arlene told him to wait here for a moment. She began to call Mayor Weber, Valerie, Tiberius, Thomas, and Tabitha. She told them she wanted to have a discussion about something they’ve been hiding for the longest time

DiamondVille’s Secret

Everyone gathered around in the living room and Arlene looked pretty cheated on by her own friends. Mayor Weber asked what was wrong, but Arlene was pretty frustrated with them to answer. Taylor spoke up that Arlene heard the monster say something about looking for what it called “Mystico’s citizens”. Weber and Valerie realized what was going on and began to get a bit nervous and guilty for not explaining from the beginning. Tiberius said he was afraid you’d find out. Arlene looked towards Tiberius and his friends and said “WAIT! You mean you knew this entire time?”. They said “Yes”, ”No”, “Well, Maybe”. Taylor and Tiffany looked confused and asked what they were hiding exactly. Tiberius then explains that DiamondVille and all other citizens of Tawaho might be the survivors of Mystico. Arlene and Tiffany felt a bit shocked that they didn’t tell them sooner. Taylor however was like, ”Oh yeah. I remember now.”. Taylor must have been a lost survivor. Tiberius looked at Taylor and realized he looked familiar. He then cut of Tiberius and saying that he’s been lost in the cosmo’s until he saw your ship. Tiberius looked at Taylor as if he was hiding something. Thomas then said there’s something about Taylor that they don’t remember. Valerie then said that maybe knowing the truth, she could get along better with Taylor. Tiffany, on the other hand, felt like maybe what Arlene was doing might not be right. Tiberius and his friends sounded like they’d knew Taylor as someone bad. Tabitha explains it’s not that he was someone bad. More like someone important. Arlene felt Tiffany was just overthinking this whole thing, but she kept the idea in mind.

Where Love Strikes One, It Gets One

As Arlene and Taylor went out, they decided to use the time to know others things about each other. Whether it be their interests, hobbies, and friends. Taylor, being a newbie of course, says that he hasn’t made any new friends yet. Arlene, feeling pretty sorry about that, asks that maybe she could be his friend. She knew she was the right guy, but she wasn’t sure if it was the time to tell to tell him how she feels. She thought she had to make sure he liked her more as a friend. They both asked what they would like to do and they both blushed. They begin to wonder if maybe they really were made for each other. Arlene then asked again what Taylor would like to do. He thought for a second and told her what he was planning on doing before he bumped into her. She insisted that maybe she could help.

Tiffany still wasn‘t too sure about Taylor. If Tiberius knew him from somewhere, he could be unpredictable to people other than the ones who seen him. She felt like she had to watch over to make sure Arlene was ok. But thinking about it, she thought what she was doing could possible tear her friendship with her apart, but she wanted to protect her best friends no matter what. She packed up a pair of binoculars and a notepad and tried to find them. She saw them at Town Hall and immediately ran to them and eavesdrop without them seeing her. Taylor told Arlene to put on this mask and wait for his cue. She asked what was the plan. He told her to jump out when he gives the signal. The moment Desiree and Valerie walked out in the halls, they saw their door was open. When they went to close it, Taylor gave the signal and Arlene dangled down and roared like a dinosaur. They were scared and fell on their back. She started to laugh, apologize, and help them up. Taylor was slapping his knees laughing hysterically. Desiree and Valerie realized it was a prank and started to grin and chuckle. Tiffany saw it as a fun prank, but it still felt a bit mean. She wasn’t sure if Taylor was a comedian type or an plain influence. She needed more information.

Throughout the day, Arlene and Taylor were sharing their interest, getting to know each other a little more, but yet Taylor acted like he was manipulating Arlene as most of the stuff he suggested and done with her mostly felt out of character for both of them. Tiffany began to wonder if he was clean or not. She tried to find Tiberius and his friends to see if they knew more about Taylor. When she found them, she asked if they can remember Taylor’s past. Tiberius said he‘s been analyzing Taylor just like Tiffany did. His behavior reminding him of what he done in the past. Tiffany asked what exactly and asked what they did when he was around. Tom said he’s mostly done a little bit of mischief back at Mystico. Nothing severe, but pretty mean and selfish. Tabitha asked Tiffany why did she ask. She said she was watching over Arlene and Taylor and their actions were pretty strange. Suddenly, someone said, “You were eavesdropping on us?”. It was Arlene, looking pretty flustered. Tiffany and Tiberius tried to retract what they said, but the damage is done. Arlene felt pretty cheated on and asked why they were even doing that. Tiffany explains that Taylor was doing some stuff that Arlene wouldn’t do constantly without thinking twice. She then told them it was for a joke, nothing mean. She then asked if she even trusted Taylor. Tiberius, trying to defend Tiffany, said that Taylor is a pretty good manipulator and she should watch your back. Arlene felt as if Tiberius and Tiffany were against Taylor. She yelled, “He hasn’t even hurt a fly in the process and he apologized when it was too far.”. Tiberius yelled back, “Arlene, you can’t easily believe his every word, he not trustworthy.”. “He is not a mean person, he acts friendly at some instances” Arlene said. Tiberius then said too much, “Believe me, I know he is”. ”How could you said that” Arlene shouted. “Because!...”, Tiberius said, “OK! IT’S BECAUSE HE ONE OF MY OTHER CREATURES!”. Arlene and Tiffany were traumatized. Tiberius lied to them and kept all this a secret until today. Arlene began to scowl and believe that Tiberius and Tiffany were acting like horrible friends, spying and lying. She then said, “I’ve heard enough”, and she slammed the door on her way out. Tiffany slowly turned toward Tiberius and said, “You...created Taylor?”. Tom and Tabitha came back after the argument and explain that all of that is true.

Creature #105

Arlene, looking frustrated, walked down to the park so she could calm herself. Taylor asked if she was alright. She didn’t answer. He said that there’s nothing to be mad about, even he had to find ways to calm himself and he guess she isn’t in the mood for more hijinks or other hobbies. Arlene took a deep breath and asked Taylor, “Were you created by the Galactic Comets?”. He looked confused asking what made her think that. She said Tiberius told her that he and his friends created Taylor. He realized his secret was out and he explains that what Tiberius said was true. He was creature #105. Arlene asked him why he didn’t say that before. He said he thought it would tear their friendship apart, know a human was dating a creature. It would never work. Arlene then asked in confusing, “Wait. You thought I was all human?”. He said “Yeah..why?”. She then told him that she’s creature #403. She saved the island from the Dragon of Shadows. He felt intrigued and pretty surprised. He said he heard some people saying stuff like that about her, but he wasn’t sure if they were talking about her specifically.

Before they could explain more about themselves, something went thud and the ground started to vibrate. The alarm went off and Valerie spoke to get into your houses. Taylor immediately ran to hid, but Arlene saw he was going the wrong way. Arlene tried to get him, saying “Wait! You’re going the wrong way!”. Taylor then said, ”I’m just taking a short cut.”. Arlene lost him and she had to rely on taking shots at the dart, which wasn’t a good idea. And then...


As Arlene rushed through the area, Tiffany and Tiberius saw her and tried to get her to safety. But she was still looking for Taylor. But then, not paying attention, Arlene ran right towards the monster. She screamed and stumbled backward. Everyone heard Arlene scream and they all stopped. Mayor Weber and Valerie ran out and saw Arlene was discovered. The monster then found more people and was ready to feast on flesh. “My mystical sla-a-a-aves.” he spoke. Arlene asked Tiberius what the heck that monster even was. They didn’t tell her before. Tiberius explains that that is, what everyone calls, Meteoragon. A monster born from a radioactive asteroid. He’s possibly 5 times more powerful than Arlene even. She let her feelings towards Taylor get in the way of defending herself and everyone around her. As meteoragon terrorized the citizens, Arlene flew towards him and began to fight back. The Hooded Strange then told her not to mess with Meteoragon or she’ll be getting the horns. Arlene said it doesn’t even have any. Taking it as an insult, Meteoragon rammed her like a bull. They began to fight in a one on one duel. Weber, Valerie, and Tiffany gathered everyone and got them all to hide in the town hall till it all blows over.

Arlene can’t seem to keep up with Meteoragon. He keeps predicting her every move as if he can see into the future. But as it look like she had the upper hand, he then strikes her down. Arlene crashes down on the ground and is unconscious. The Hooded Stranger is pleased with Meteoragon’s victory. He jumps off him and is now ready to take complete control of the city and later the entire island. Meteoragon looks at him and asks where his remuneration is. The Hooded Stranger turns towards Meteoragon and says we’ll split 90% & 10%. He’s the 10% and the man is the 90% up top. Meteoragon says that he’s done most of the work and the man will get 15%. The Hooded Stranger claims he’ll take 70%. 20%. 75%. 30%. 80%. At that point, Meteoragon started to feel cheated. He then proceeds to strangle the Hooded Stranger to the point his voice changed. He then bit into Meteoragon‘s hand and breaks free. As Arlene wakes up, she seizes the opportunity to finish the job, shooting down Meteoragon. He then gets up and tries to tackle Arlene. But before he could reach her, The Hooded Strange yanks Meteoragon’s tail and he tries to toss him. He spins him around hard and fast around and around and around and around, until finally he let go. Meteoragon went flying out and landing in the meteor that crashed down in Tawaho. The meteor began to fall into the river and the current combined with the angle the river goes down, the meteor began to roll and tumble down as it falls down a waterfall and is completely sunk.


The toss of Meteoragon accidentally blows off the man’s hood, revealing his face. Arlene then charges towards the man and tackles him and says “Mystery solved”. She’s then traumatized and starts to stumble backwards. It was Taylor. He began to grin in a chance of proving innocence, but Arlene is certain that this is 100% legit. As DiamondVille exits the Town Hall, they see Arlene and Taylor. Tiffany, Tiberius, Tom, and Tabitha immediately run to them. Tiffany, looking ready to gloat, says that she’s and Tiberius was right. Tiberius is then very disappointed in Taylor for what he’s done. Arlene then asks why Taylor was doing that. Taylor, feeling a little shameful, explains that he just wanted attention. Everyone was confused. Tiberius then tells Taylor that he created him to bring peace to what is home, not to attack it. Taylor then says in a low tone, “...hmph...I’m surprised you actually remember that...?”. They were confused and Tiberius then asked what he meant by that. Taylor then pointed at Arlene and said, “WHY BOTHER MAKING ARLENE IF YOU HAD ME?!”. Arlene thought Taylor was jealous they created her instead of sending him down from the beginning. She tried to defend Tiberius and his friends by claiming they’ve probably thought that maybe they needed someone who was more stronger. Taylor then said, “What?! Like you think your tougher than me?”. Arlene quickly retracts the statement by saying she’s not trying to stand on top of him. Taylor then says that it’s alright. She’s right. He couldn’t even defeat Meteoragon before it destroyed Mystico. Even working as a team, he failed. Tiffany then says that two wrongs don’t make a right. “Do you really think people would like you for doing that?” she then said. Taylor exclaimed, “NOBODY CARED ABOUT ME SINCE I WAS CREATED!”. Arlene shouts, “I DID! Before all that I thought you were somebody who would care about others. Friends don’t do hurt each other! Friends don’t lie to others! FRIENDS DON’T MISTREAT THEIR FRIENDS!”. Taylor, feeling furious with Arlene shaming him, tells her, “Well maybe I would’ve been better off IF I DIDN’T HAVE FRIENDS!!!”, and then flies out of DiamondVille. Arlene tries to stop him by saying she didn’t mean it like that, but he’s not listening. At that point, Arlene lost him. She felt shattered to see her lose something she thought he had. She began to cry and run home. Everyone felt so sorry for her. Tiberius and Tiffany were the ones who were the most guilty. They begin to wonder if maybe they could’ve easily resolved this without fighting.

7 Days Later

A week has passed and things sort of look like it passed over, but it hasn’t entirely. Arlene has still remained in a deep depression, locking herself in her room, eating containers of ice cream, and watching her soap opera “The Moral and the Affectionate”. Tiffany and her friends have been trying to cheer her up, but since this was Arlene’s first love, she felt too devastated. Tiffany tries to explain that there are other fish in the sea. Arlene, feeling certain, asks her ”Who would want to be dating someone who isn’t entirely human?”. Everyone felt stumped. And believe me, Arlene’s not the only one despondent. Her friends thought Taylor was a nice guy before then and a great one to Arlene. Tiffany, feeling like it’s also her fault, starts to believe that maybe she shouldn’t have been a little harsh on Taylor. He said he was just forgotten and wanted to be remembered. She comes up with the idea that what he needed was a step in the right direction. She needed to talk to him. But, she couldn’t do it alone, especially since she didn’t know where he went other than North. She told her friends to help keep Arlene company while she gets some help finding Taylor

On her way out, she bumped into Tiberius, who was pacing in the park pondering about his past with Taylor. She suggest that maybe he could help her find Taylor and he could make up with him. Tiberius, being the kind guy, says that maybe he could track him down, but his senses can be rusty. Mayor Weber, who overheard their conversation, says he and Valerie could help them out. They know the island like the back of their head. As such, they all head out and try to find him.

Back at where Meteoragon was struck and unconscious, he was at the bottom of the river from the waterfall at the oasis. He suddenly regains consciousness after swallowing a fish. He bursts out of the river, roaring like a dinosaur with a megaphone. Feeling cheated, he swore to seek vengeance on Taylor and all who cared for him as well. He began to climb the waterfall and the slope river above and reach the oasis. But before he could make it all the way, he saw Taylor flying down into the oasis. Meteoragon, wanting to surprise him, tried to hide and not get notice. This would give him a chance to hear him think about what happened out there.

What About Taylor

As for Taylor, he felt upset and frustrated with the thought that he’ll never be remembered as the hero he once was. He felt betrayed by his peers. Voicing his frustration out, he skipped stones, meditating, chiseling boulders all around the oasis. He even asked himself, “Why do I feel like I’ve become a man who never existed? Am I...Am I a monster?”. He even started to cry. “Maybe I would’ve been better off if I stayed away from the beginning.”. He then heard someone say, “I shouldn’t have forsaken you.”. It was Tiberius, and behind him was everyone else. Taylor was like what the heck they were doing here. Tiffany explains to him that she and Tiberius wanted to let him know they were sorry for what they’ve said. He wasn’t too sure if they were just saying that or if they actually meant that. He was silent for a few seconds and then started to sit down on a rock. Tiberius asked if he was feeling ok. Taylor said that he‘s fine. Mayor Weber says that maybe Taylor just feels depressed as much as Arlene. Love can have 2 emotions. Taylor noticed him say Arlene was depressed. He started to wonder if they were doing this just for her. He then asked if any of them even cared about him. Mayor Weber and Valerie tell him that he was a hero back at Mystico. Of course they wouldn’t have forgotten them even if they wanted to. Taylor asked if that’s the case, then why do they recognize Arlene more. Tiberius explains that she was the hero of the present, and Taylor was the hero of the past. Tiffany then asked how Taylor really managed to get here in the first place. Taylor, turning towards Tiffany at the speed of sound, silent, then slowly walked towards the tall grasses and moved them out and walked in. Everyone else followed him and see him pointed to what looks like...Tiberius’s Ship. Tiberius was startled seeing his ship looked totaled. He was like, “! How did this happen?!”. Taylor explains that the meteor carrying Meteoragon attracted the ship to the point it was able to reach the atmosphere and fall down to here. He was lucky to survive reentry and impact thanks to the ships large amount of flame shields. Tiffany then asked why he was even in there in the first place. He’s from Mystico, shouldn’t he have been either annihilated or in DiamondVille from the beginning. Taylor explains that he was behind bars in Tiberius’s ship, waiting for a return in the spotlight.

Meteoragon, still eavesdropping on the conversation, sees that he could use their intervention to his advantage. After all that, Tiffany pleaded to Taylor to come back. She told him that Arlene really cared for him and she’s been in a state of depression for almost a week after all that. It’s those words that got Meteoragon. He then proceeds to use the opportunity to take Arlene down for good. He sneaks out and heads to DiamondVille without them noticing. After all that, Taylor agrees to go back and Tiberius then gives him one more apology before going back. Taylor, thinking he’s the one who should be sorry, apologized to him for all that.

Love is Blind

Arlene’s friends have yet to cheer her up. They asks why she’s taking this so seriously instead of going to him and show him she’s sorry. She says she doesn’t know where he is, probably gone, and he’s not gonna believe her after the way she called him out like that. Tiago, being Arlene best guy for advice, suggest she should maybe do something personal for him, like serenade him. She sees what he’s suggesting and decides to see if she could. She grabs her guitar and tries to think up a lyrics. Her friends then leave her be so she could practice. But before she could finish, DiamondVille goes on lock down and everyone tries to hide inside. Arlene, hearing the alarm looks out the window and sees Meteoragon and barricades herself and keep quiet.

She begins to grow worried that maybe he’s got Taylor. I mean with him storming out of DiamondVille, he could’ve been caught and combining it with the fact that he crossed him, he could get killed. Meteoragon heard Arlene, even when she was barricaded. He grabs Arlene and asks him why she still thinks about a rogue. She claims he was the most caring towards her. He really cared for her. Meteoragon then said he’s just a monster who destroyed most of DiamondVille. She then told him he was doing most of the destroying, he didn’t even touch a fly. He was just lonely and wanted attention. Meteoragon, giving her the stare, says what does she think Meteoragon wanted. He then claims the Galactic Comets turned on him, too. Arlene was confused asking why would they turn on you. He then tells her that he was also created by the Galactic Comets. Actually, he was #104, that was before Taylor. The Galactic Comets shunned him after an incident with their leader abandoned them. Arlene felt shocked. Meteoragon destroyed Mystico just to teach them a lesson. She got so mad. She then proceeded to shoot a psychic laser towards him and they began to fight.

One Big Battle

Arlene had to rely on her psychic powers and Meteoragon relied on his natural abilities to take each other down. But Arlene still couldn’t stop thinking about what he could’ve done to Taylor or if he’s still alive. The depression got back to her and she started to lose focus of what’s happening. But she was still going for it. Meteoragon held the advantage in taking on Arlene’s powers and using her depression to lay a critical blow on her. But yet, he could not finish her, at least not yet. Their fight has left some destruction in DiamondVille to the point they had to take cover near the Town Hall. Later, Taylor and everyone else made it back safely. Tiago warned them to take cover. They all see Arlene is getting exhausted and couldn’t go on much longer. At one point, Meteoragon had enough and he made his finishing move. The corkscrew, he kicked Arlene into the air and he then came down to her like an anvil and spin around. Arlene was brutally paralyzed and hurt. Taylor was traumatized to see Arlene losing, and it’s all his fault.

At that point, Arlene couldn’t go on. She then began to cry and Meteoragon started to ridicule her for that, asking if she’s crying because of Taylor or because she’s in pain. She didn’t answer him, just wallowed in despair and depression. He then began to have Arlene give her last words before finishing her off. Arlene, feeling despondent, decided to ask him what he’s done with Taylor. Raising his eyebrow, he claims he’s done nothing to him, but he assures he’s not gonna save you. Arlene then said, “Taylor was a kind person to me. Throughout the time I’vd hung with him, I cared for him as much as he cared for me.”. Meteoragon then points out, “If he really cared for you, would he have abandon you.”. “Well, no. But...I really don’t I’ll ever see him anymore.”. She started crying even harder. Taylor, hearing her words, felt touched. He then realized what he should do(as a ray of green light shines from his eyes). He jumps up and heads for them. Meteoragon grabs Arlene by her legs and dangles her over his mouth, prepared to eat her. But before he could drop her, Taylor reaches him and kicks him right in the head and sends him flying into an iron pole. Arlene was startled and looked up. She saw Taylor saved her life and she began to recover from depression. He helps her up and decides to team up to get rid of Meteoragon. He gets back up and sees Taylor helping Arlene. He begins to grow more fury and charges at them. The 1V2 battle begins

The battle was complete utter chaos. Arlene and Taylor have been using moves that rely on team work, but Meteoragon took on every single move. At that point, their best option was to do something that would knock him down. But not being careful, Meteoragon has had enough and tries to end it. He aims his tail towards Arlene and attempts to impale her, but Taylor, seeing this, shoves her out of the way and sacrifices himself. He impales his tail directly into his chest and he dangles overs it, prompting him to whip him off his tail. Arlene was startled and immediately ran to him. Taylor is barely getting up as his chest is bleeding all over. She starts to shed tears as he slowly loses consciousness from the blow. With him still awake, he tries to utter some last words before Meteoragon can finish him off. “Arlene...ugh...I’m so sorry I let all this happen”, He said. Arlene says, “No...this is my fault, I shouldn’t have snapped at you. I’m really sorry.”. Taylor insists, “ If I haven’t teamed up with Meteoragon in the first place, none of this would’ve happened. It’s all my fault.”. Arlene felt Taylor really is sorry. She suddenly felt a feeling in her heart. Like she’s got back something she lost. Meteoragon stops this and warns Arlene to either give in or the city gets it. Arlene begs her to have one last word with Taylor. Meteoragon, being the stubborn and pushy, tells her he’s got 60 seconds. Arlene gives one last word to Taylor. But before she could say it, he says, “Actually...(cough)...I wanna say something. I just wanted you to know...(cough). You’ll always be my best friend. You’re the only person who truly knows me.”, he says. Arlene corrects him, “Yeah. About that. Do you...really consider me as just a friends?”. Taylor, confused by her question, asks “Well, yeah. Why?”. Arlene claims, “Mmm...I, uh...”. She starts to get a bit nervous. “You feel like more than just a friend to me.”. Confused by this, Taylor says, “What do you...”. He’s then cut off as Arlene gathers all her courage and kisses him. She and Taylor suddenly felt a spark inside. Meteoragon notices something up with this and backs up. The citizens quickly run into the Town Hall and barricade themselves in. “What’s this?!”, He exclaims. Arlene and Taylor are then hit with a power boost, recovering Taylor’s wound. Arlene and Taylor are both filled with euphoria as they use their powers together to take down Meteoragon. Startled, Meteoragon quickly tries to defend himself, but Arlene and Taylor become to quick for him. It’s as if their powers were combined. Arlene and Taylor then proceed to do a final blow on Meteoragon. KA-BOOM!!!

Meteoragon has been knocked out. Arlene and Taylor begin to look down at him. He then regains consciousness and looks up towards them, looking a little frightened. They’re both stumped on how he’s still alive. He explains that he’s one of the few creatures the GC could make immortal. Arlene suddenly realizes that killing him might be impossible. Taylor then thinks up the best other option. He tells her to use her powers to hold Meteoragon’s left arm while he does the right. They grab his arms and hold tightly so he doesn’t move. Taylor then tells Arlene to shoot a laser towards his. As they both fire a laser towards each other, they create a formation of inescapable power. “No”, Meteoragon exclaims. Arlene and Taylor then turn their heads towards Meteoragon and ingulf him in their laser. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...”. Meteoragon suddenly starts turning into marble stone. And then, POOF! Meteoragon has been transformed into a statue.

Arlene and Taylor slowly decent to the ground as all is over. The citizens slowly peek out and noticed it’s all over. As they exit the town hall. Arlene and Taylor fly towards them to say everything’s finished. Everyone cheers for the two for saving them from Meteoragon. Tiffany tells them they’ve done it. Tiberius tells them that he and his friends are proud of them. Taylor is pleased to be the hero again after all those years. Mayor Weber says that maybe he and Arlene are a perfect team. Taylor begins to blush and asks Arlene if she’s free. She says probably not. They all realized that DiamondVille needed to be reconstructed. Taylor suggest that maybe he could help out with the cause.

One Year Later

Arlene and Taylor sit down on the ledge of the mountain and look over DiamondVille and all its new glory. Taylor asked Arlene if she really meant what she did back there with Meteoragon. Arlene looked towards Taylor and asked what he meant. Taylor explains that he was wondering if she loved him as a sweetheart. She started to blush and explain that her feeling were legit. She asked why he was wondering. Taylor said he kind of felt the same way from first glance. She was like no way. He insist it was true and to prove it, he asked her to follow him down to the oasis. While Taylor was in the oasis after his secret was blown, he was chiseling boulders and one of them was chiseled to a heart with his and Arlene’s name written on it. When he showed it to her. Arlene felt touched by his thoughts. Taylor explains that he hoped to get her heart back. When he stormed, he pondered on what she said. She began to cry in joy and give him a hug and kiss on the cheek. Everyone can tell Arlene and Taylor are the best of soulmates.


As Arlene and Taylor hug and kiss each other, we cut to a monitor showing it as if it was a camera. It was Kyle. He was like “What?! Taylor?! I thought he was dead!”. It was time for Kyle to prepare to get him. Uh-oh. That’s not good



The film premiered in the Yale Repertory Theater in New Haven on February 10, 2003

The film was release in theaters worldwide on Valentine‘s Day, February 14, 2003.

Home Media

The film was released on VHS and DVD on June 1, 2003

The film would later be released on Blu-Ray on July 2009 to celebrate Arlene’s 10th Anniversary


The film has received mixed reviews from a majority of the fans saying Taylor is a weird and sudden addition, the exclusion of the first film’s main villain drags it down, and its plot feels cliche and predictable. The film grossed out over $175,000,000 and received a 67% on Rotten Tomatoes.


Robert and Nickelodeon have both announced the development of Arlene 3 around the time the tv show was renewed for a season 4. The film would be set to release on September 1, 2007


  • This is currently the lowest rated installment in the series
  • This is the first film in the series to be release after Nickelodeon acquired the 40% of the rights to the franchise
  • This is the third Robert Graphic Novel film adaptation after the first film and The Curse of the Dark Sheet
  • The film’s initial release date was February 2002, however, after the 9/11 attack, the film had to be edited out and was postponed to a year
  • Brittany Murphy has actually step down her role as Arlene for unknown reason, prompting her other actress, Catherine Taber, to take over for her
    • This makes it Catherine’s first animated theatrical release she took part in
  • A few plot holes from the previous installment has been resolved here. According to Robert in an interview, he talked about this and said that any plot holes regarding characters like DiamondVille, the Galactic Comets, Kyle and the Drogans, etcetera, would be resolved in further installments
  • This is actually the first and only major installment in the series that does not feature The Dragon of Shadows, Kyle, Ripjaw, or any of the Drogans outside of archived footage, callbacks, or mentions
    • The reason for this is unknown, but fans believed it was most likely due to low budget after the tweaks that have been done after delay
    • Despite this, the epilogue featured Kyle to build up on later installments


Trailer Poster

Arlene 2 Opening Logo-1

Arlene 2 Opening Logo-1

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