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Arlene is a 1999 traditional animated film based on the best-selling graphic novel by Robert Nadal. The film was Nickelodeon's first Non-Nicktoon animated theatrical movie and the second animated theatrical movie they've released after The Rugrats Movie. The film starred Brittany Murphy as the title character and is her first role in an animated movie.


Opening Line and Prologue

“Once upon a time, in a planet far away from Earth, lived a race of two species who once lived in harmony. With each passing century, there have been 6 different people who changed the world, the bearers of the spirits of the Galactic Comets. One for Intelligence, one for Agility, one for Magic, one for Bravery, one for Leadership, and one for Assistance. With each passing century, those who bear these spirits pass on and new bearers, those who accomplished and learned from experience, keep the Galactic Comets alive and well. Their last generation have done way more to ensure the GC would be known forever. But with great power comes great responsibility. One big mistake would lead to a terrible turn of events...”

We open to a girl named Tiffany and her pet parrot named Joey as they read the book on the GC. She found it something believable, while others say she takes her imagination way to seriously. Tiffany has always been taking the GC to heart. This is mostly because her mother, who died when she was 3, encouraged her to let her express her love of it to whole new levels, letting her have belief that nothing bad would ever happen because of them. She wishes that someday she could meet them, but Joey, being a buzz killer mostly, tells her that it’s just a story and it doesn’t even sound believable. But that doesn’t stop her from loving it. Just because it doesn’t sound real doesn’t mean it isn’t cool. He then rolls his eyes thinking why her mother had to get her hooked on them. But everyone, especially those two, didn’t know is that some stories really are true.

Meet the Remaining GC

We take a look at 3 of the remaining bearers, Tiberius of intelligence, Thomas of agility, and Tabitha of magic, in their starship, relaxing with their cups of coffee and wondering what life on Earth is thinking about with there being no signs of danger. You see, the last generation of the GC split up and went their separate ways. These 3 bearers have been protecting Earth after their planet was wiped out, swearing they would make sure Earth is still standing. Tiberius, one of 2 of the most vital members, has mostly been in a bit of a state of guilt and depression since they failed to save their home before it was too late. But his friends were always there to make him feel a little better, saying what’s important is that he still has them. Which will be important for whats about to happen

Carnage in the Meadows

Oh, in case you’re all wondering, let’s go back to Earth, on the island known as Tawaho, once an uninhabited island. That’s where we saw Tiffany. She lives in a town called DiamondVille, where nothing bad would possibly happen. But, it wouldn’t be long until something would happen. Outside of DiamondVille, in the meadows were farm animals like sheep, pigs, chickens, cows, horses, etcetera. They mostly just slept in peace. But one night, they would soon meet their demise. As they nuzzled in the grass and leaves, a dark and black haze started surrounding them. The animals woke up and saw the smog as it gathered up in one spot to reveal a monster. A dragon like creature made up of dark shadowy scales. Absolutely no color with the exception of its glowing red eyes. It roared at the animals and they all starts to flee for their lives, but the monster was just too fast for them. With what was happening out there, DiamondVille overheard the carnage and woke up startled. The mayor, Richard Weber, and his wife, Valerie, went and sounded the alarm, gathering all the citizens to wonder what the heck is going on. They had to head to the meadows without letting themselves get caught by what’s happening or who’s doing that. Tiffany was the one who felt the most scared because she thought nothing bad would happen, mostly because of her belief of the GC.

As the citizens headed for the meadows quietly and unnoticed. But the monster a keen sense of what coming and where. He turned and saw the citizens heading to the meadows and he took cover behind the mountains to prevent being noticed. When the citizens made it, they took a peek and notice whatever it was is gone now. They then went closer and saw the remains of the farm animals, nothing but blood and bones. They were all traumatize and began to enter a state of panic. Mayor Weber, being the smart one, suggest everyone to remain calm. He then says whatever that was is gone now, but they’ll all need to be prepared and defended if this happens again. The citizens take his word for it and the police force was then ordered to investigate the incident and see what has happened. Tiffany, looking a bit worried, wondered who was responsible for this carnage. She suddenly notice the dark haze blowing towards a hill side and up into a foggy area. It was a place no one was aloud to go to. Rumor say that it was where 2 people never came out of there, one of those people being her mother. The haze then formed into that dragon again, as it looked around to make sure no one was looking, not noticing Tiffany was look. It then went into the fog and she then lost visual of it. Tiffany noticed it looked familiar to her. Her friends noticed she was just standing there and they asked if she was ok. She turned and responded that she thought she saw something that looked familiar. They asked what and she said to come to her house and maybe she can figure it out.

Aftermath #1

They weren’t the only ones who saw the carnage. When Tiberius, Tom, and Tabitha oversaw the carnage, they were devastated and traumatized. Tiberius questioned where it came from. He turns to Tom who is responsible for looking for any incoming threats. Tom said his instincts detected no outside threats and since he's the member of agility, being the fact that he can predict oncoming threats, he was telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The three needed to act fast. Tiberius decided the best option is to do what they've done in the past, create a creature to go after it. Tiberius pulls out a blueprint of his life's work and lays it down on the testing table. The problem is they don't have the ingredients to make it. What's worse is that it's only found on a life-filled planet like Earth. It's possible they might not make it alive, but they had to try. The three draw straws with Tiberius being the loser. Getting ready to go down there, he tells Tom and Tabitha to finish his plan if he doesn't make it. They promise him they'll make sure they finish his plan if he's out of the picture. They hug him goodbye and he heads down there and disguises himself among the humans down there. Upon unnoticed crash down in a mountain, Tiberius immediately ejected before impact and landed in a nearby pond. Getting up and drying himself, he attempts to communicate Tom and Tabitha via telepathy and list down the ingredients he needs and the ones he already has. But in order to do so, he disguises himself among the citizens of DiamondVille as most of the required ingredients come from human resources. He head to DiamondVille to see if he can find some samples

As Tiffany and her friends, Amber, Shannon, Tiago, Desiree, and Hoover were all discussing the carnage out there, Tiffany claims the monster looked very familiar. They were all confused as to how she recognized it and asked how. She goes over to her bookshelf and picks up the GC Book. Tiago, being the oldest, doubts Tiffany saying it’s just a story and she’s been taking it way too seriously. She insists that she knew it resembles something here. She looked through the pages. Amber asked what are the chances it’s even from there. Tiffany then says “Well maybe...” and then she stops as she found the page, “Uh-oh”. The all turn towards her, with Shannon and Desiree asking “WHAT DO YOU MEAN UH-OH?!”. Tiffany reads the page towards them explaining that that might be what is called The Dragon of Shadows. They all look at each other in confusion and were then laughing at her theory. Tiffany felt offended that they would laugh right at her face. They then apologize saying they didn’t mean to hurt her feeling, but her theory was clearly impossible. Even if it was true, The Dragon of Shadows couldn’t possibly be on Earth. Tiffany swears that it and what she saw looked exactly the same. Tiago then suggest you think about this tomorrow, it’s very late and they should all go back to bed.

After they left, Tiffany, feeling embarrassed and unhappy, just goes to bed and ponders on what just happened. Joey, being one who would gloat, asked her what they said. She doesn’t wanna talk about it. He started to feel a bit sorry for her and he flew down to comfort her, asking what she was thinking was going on. She says that the monster looked identical to The Dragon of Shadows. They both really hope that this all really better be a story, which might be true since...well they don’t realize the GC are authentic and alive.

Within a short time, Tiberius manages to get the necessary ingredients and call Tom and Tabitha to send him back to the ship. However, before they could do it in time, Tiberius was being suffocated by someone. It was the Dragon of Shadows. It became complete utter chaos. Luckily, while it took Tiberius with him, it didn’t take the small capsule containing the ingredients, which Tiberius dropped. Back with Tom and Tabitha, they were startled and afraid that Tiberius was gone. They used a scope to find him, but all that was there was the capsule. They immediately teleported the ingredients to them and swore to finish the plan for Tiberius. After creating the DNA, they prepare to metamorphose the DNA into a life form and launch the capsule tank and themselves down to the island.

When Arlene Was Born

As the sun rose in Tawaho, DiamondVille tried to pretend that nothing happened last night to prevent some sort of mass panic. The only people who are still thinking about what all that was were Mayor Weber, Valerie, their kids, Tiago, Desiree, and Hoover, and of course Tiffany. She went back to the scene of the carnage, which was later clear of blood and bones, to take a closer look to be sure if she could find evidence herself, but none could be found. She would’ve went up to the foggy hill, but she knew she wouldn’t have survived in there. You probably don’t know this, but it was rumored her mother disappeared when she got to close to the fog. Tiffany wonders if maybe she’ll end up like her mother if the dragon comes back again. Her friends, Tiago, Desiree, and Hoover came to her and asked if she was feeling ok. Tiffany explains that she was just thinking about the foggy hill. Her friends asking why, she then told them that that’s where she saw the dragon went. Concerned, Tiago told Tiffany that place was sacred and off limits. She told him that she knows that, then pointing out her mother went there according to gossip and rumors. She then asked if they knew what else was up there. They said they didn’t know much. Tiffany then says that it must be the dragon, but once again they told her it’s just a story. Feeling like she’s treated like the crazy one, she rolls her eyes unhumorously.

As Tiffany eventually looked up into the sky, she stopped and saw what looked like a comet. It was the capsule tank and a rocket. As they head down, the rocket crashed into the forest. They were all startled and ran quickly into the forest to find it. Tom and Tabitha exit out of the rocket and began to execute phase 2. They disguised themselves to look like humans. Their plan was to pose as their creatures parents, as it was a human hybrid. As the capsule crashed down, the creature was ejected, crashed through the glass surrounding her, and slammed into a tree. Luckily, while she was a little bit hurt, she did heal very easily. Tom and Tabitha found her and immediately ran to her to help. The creature looked at the two asking who they are. Tom says he’s her father and Tabitha is her mom. The creature asked what happened. Tabitha says she slammed into a tree and lost consciousness for a second. Tiffany and her friends eventually make it into the forest and saw the creature, Tom, and Tabitha. Tiffany came in and asked who they are. Tom and Tabitha immediately turned around and saw Tiffany and her friends. Tom said that they game him a startle. He introduced himself and Tabitha and said that their daughter was sent flying into a tree. Tiffany asked was it from the sky. Tom and Tabitha began to sweat, thinking she might have been on to them. Tabitha asked her was that what it was. Tiffany said yes. The creature then ask what hit her. Tom realized that the creature doesn’t have any memory to keep up the charade. He thought up a lie that the creature must have gotten amnesia and they all bought it. The creature then asked what her name was. Tom and Tabitha were both silent for a moment. He pulled Tabitha towards him to intervene for a moment about her. After a few seconds of debating, Tom decided to called the creature what the blueprint called it, “Arlene”. Tiffany and her friends thought that was a nice name. She asked Arlene if she would like to come to DiamondVille and see if she could refresh her memory. Arlene asked Tom and Tabitha and they agreed they’d all go with Tiffany and her friends.

We enter DiamondVille as Tiffany and her friends introduce Arlene to what the town offers. She shows her some of the residence, the many different places here like the towns famous restaurant, the police house, the park, as well as City Hall. With the tour, Mayor Weber and his wife, Valerie, came in and asked what they were doing. Tiago told them they were introducing Arlene to the town. Mayor Weber was confused and asked who the heck is Arlene. She introduces herself to him but stopped because she didn’t know much about herself besides her name. Tom and Tabitha then explain her disability and say she’s trying to learn more about this place. Mayor Weber says maybe he could help her out. He told her to meet him at Dine’N’Eats restaurant and have a discussion on what goes on around here and what‘s happened. In the meantime, Tiffany offers Arlene to come to her house for a while.

As Tiffany takes Arlene to her house, she gives her a tour of the place. Arlene asked if she lives alone. Tiffany said yes and Arlene was concerned, asking why. Tiffany stops and stays silent of a moment. She sighs and says “My mom passed away after an incident with what happened up that fog hill as my friends claim”. Arlene felt so bad and asked what happened. Tiffany says her friends believe that something took her mom after she went to far in and she never got out of there ever since. It lead to the citizens believing she was dead and it took until her friends mentioned her to realize she was gone. She then pulled out a picture of her mom and described her as the sweetest and most caring mother she could ever ask for. She eventually kneeled and began to cry. Arlene told her she’s sorry for what happened. Tiffany says it obviously wasn’t her fault and she didn’t need to apologize. Arlene claims she at least has a huge heart towards other people. She didn’t think she actually meant that because most people, except her friends kind of, believe she takes things too literal and seriously. Arlene then asked why people would think that. Tiffany sighed and said that she easily buys into. She stops her sentences, telling Arlene that she would probably be everyone else and make fun of her for it. She insists that she won’t laugh or even grin. Tiffany takes her word for it and pulls out the book on the Galactic Comets. Arlene, seeing the cover, immediately recognizes who they were. Tiffany was confused, asking Arlene if she knew who they were. She said it’s a bit of a blur, but she knows as much as Tiffany knows about them. This is probably because she was created by them. That was one thing the two had in common. But then Arlene asked why Tiffany wanted to hide it in the first place. She then tells them that she believes that the GC are real, but people keep telling her it’s just a story. Thinking about the GC, Arlene tells her that she believes in them too. Tiffany felt touched that she was the only other who really believed her. “Really?” She asked. Arlene said, “Of course”. Tiffany, feeling like Arlene’s a real friend, gives her a big hug. She then hugs her back. With that, we could tell Arlene made her first true friend. Tiffany then asked to take a picture with Arlene. They took two photos so each of them would have at least one. With that, Tiffany decided to put it in her collection of other pictures of her, by herself, with her friends, and even with her mom.

Arlene Takes DiamondVille

When Arlene walked around DiamondVille, she’s heard a lot of people discussing about her and her disability. Hearing them, she started feeling insecure. She started running and the more they were talking about her, the faster she was running. It wasn’t until she bumped into Mayor Weber, not paying attention. She helped him back up and apologize. Mayor Weber, being forgiving, puts his arm around her and brings her into the restaurant. They call in reservation and have a simple discussion. He asks her to talk about herself. Arlene explains all she really remembers is her name. Mayor Weber was concerned. Arlene’s “disability” has gone a bit farther than normal amnesia. She then asked what exactly is even going on here. He then told her about the incident from last night. Arlene felt frightened, while at the same time asked if it was a dragon. Mayor Weber was struck for a second and said yes. And then she asked if it ate animals. He felt like she was up to something. He asked her how she knew. Arlene said she’s had some visions of a monster eating farm animals. He was like that was the exact incident. One guy overheard their conversation and spread the word.

As Arlene and Weber were leaving the restaurant, Weber was stopped by a random guy who asked he wanted to have a discussion with him in private. As he took him to Town Hall, Arlene decided to go walk around DiamondVille. As she was doing so, she heard people discuss the gossip about her knowing about the incident despite not being there for it. Arlene asked what they were talking about and Tiffany said they were talking about her discussion with Mayor Weber about the cephalopod incident. Arlene felt embarrassed that she was overheard. Everyone gathered around her asking her questions. She was being asked multiple questions at once. She tried to answer them all, but she was constantly cut off with other questions. Arlene felt like she was about to explode in stress. Feeling so insecure, she let out a wave of psychic energy, her hair made a wing formation, and she screamed “QUI-I-I-I-I-I-IE-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-ET!”. Tom and Tabitha heard the screaming and immediately ran towards her. Arlene was panting in frustration, not noticing what’s happened. Everyone backed away from Arlene when they saw her hair formed a pair of wings. Tiffany, in complete shock, says, “Arlene...uh...your hair?”. Arlene was like, “WHAT ABOUT IT?!” in frustration. She later looked up, saw her hair, and began to panic in fear. Tom and Tabitha felt like there cover was blown. As such, they immediately ran towards Arlene and took her somewhere private, telling everyone to excuse them for a moment.

As for Arlene, she was hyperventilating in fear of what happened with her. Tabitha asked Arlene to calm down but she just gets more nervous. Tom says it’s fine, nothing too out of the ordinary. Arlene claims that’s not what everyone thinks. “They’ve been talking about me since she came“ she said. “What if I’m...a monster?”. Tabitha insures she‘s not a monster. Tiffany comes in and asked if there sure she’s not a monster. Tom insists Arlene is completely normal. Tiffany suspects they’re hiding something. She told them to spill the beans and be honest. Tom and Tabitha tell her that she’s no monster. Tiago, Desiree, and Hoover come in to tell them that they’re obviously behind something. Everyone except Arlene begins to argue over each other. Arlene felt insecure and it wasn’t long until she secretly ran away as everyone was arguing. Tom and Tabitha were so frighted that Arlene was gone. They ran out to look for her. Tiffany, Desiree, Tiago, and Hoover then followed them to find Arlene. They run out the door to see Arlene running out of the town crying. They chase after her.

Secret Revealed

Mayor Weber went into his office with the random guy to hear what he has to say. He asks Weber to cover the windows as what he has is very important and secretive. As he closes the curtains, he asked what exactly does he have that is so important that no one else should know. The guy asked if he talked to someone with a “disability”. Weber says that was Arlene he was talking with. He said she’s has amnesia and weird abilities from what he overheard from everyone in town. The guy tells him she’s not what she thinks. She’s a creature who was meant to save you from a monster. Weber was confused, but then realized he was talking about the monster. Weber then asked how does he know who Arlene really is. The guy reveals his true identity. It was Tiberius. He must of managed to escape the dragon’s clutches. Weber felt startled and traumatized. Tiberius explains he created a creature to take care of the incident that happened on this island. He then asked does he know where she went. Weber explains he doesn’t know. Eventually, all of a sudden, Valerie came in asking where the kids were. She suddenly stopped in fear when she saw Tiberius. Mayor Weber explains that Tiberius came to take care of the incident that happened last night. Valarie asked if Tiberius was telling the truth. Tiberius explains what he told him was true. He then asked if their kids was with Arlene. Weber told him their kids have met her. Tiberius asked if maybe Weber and Valarie can track down their kids cause maybe their trying to find Arlene. They saw what he was getting at and said maybe they could try to find them. As of that, Tiberius disguised himself and all three of them went to find them

Arlene was still running in despair and guilt, up until she wandered into the foggy hill, where she thought she’d be hidden. Everyone else managed to lose track of her and Tom and Tabitha began to spiral in fear. Tiffany tried to comfort them by saying they’ll all find her. She just needs some time to think stuff through. Desiree then said that how on earth she managed to run faster than they all could. Tom and Tabitha were a bit silent for a moment and then said it’s probably in her genes. Tiffany was all like “Uh-huh, yeah right”. Tom said back, “Are we still talking about this?”. Tiago joins the conversation saying that Arlene has been acting pretty strange and out of the ordinary since she came, with her hair wings, her speed, and the fact she sent a shockwave. Tom and Tabitha go in defense mode and say it’s all fine. But then someone out of nowhere said, “You can stop this charade now, it’s over.”. Turns out it was Tiberius, Mayor Weber, and Valerie. Everyone was silent for a moment until Tiffany asked what he was talking about. Tiberius removed his disguise and explains he’s responsible for creating Arlene. They all turn towards Tom and Tabitha who are silent and still for a moment. “Busted...” They said to each other. They then take their disguises off, revealing their true identity. Tiffany was star-struck and speechless while Tiago, Desiree, and Hoover were frightened. Their parents told them to calm them down saying their on the good side. They eventually remain calm and apologize for their behavior. Tiffany was still paralyzed in the feeling that she was right. She then asked, “Are you...THE Tiberius?...”. He then answers yes. She then turns towards Tom and Tabitha, and asks if they were who she thought they were. They explains that it’s true. They’ve been behind all this. Creating Arlene and trying to save the island. Tiffany then stood silently and later said, “You’ve been trying to protect us?!” She caught up to what she was thinking and started to grow ecstatic. “Then...You’re...You’re...You’re...MEMBERS OF THE GALACTIC COME-E-E-E-E-ETS!!!” She let out her inner fan girl and felt nothing but euphoria. Tiberius, concerned for how Tiffany was feeling, explains she was correct and lend his telekinesis hand towards her. Tiffany, feeling praised to meet her idols, took his hand and kept shaking it and screaming. You could tell she was excited, but it could be pretty hindering.

What About Arlene

As Arlene was walking through the fog, hoping everyone lost track of her, she began to feel so despondent of what just happened. At one point, she stopped, kneel down, laid face down, and began to cry. She was devastated. Suddenly, she heard a small and eerie voice saying “Oh...what’s with the caterwauling?”. Arlene was a bit frightened, asking who said that. She got up and saw someone standing far from her. She tried to walk towards him and he immediately disappeared only to reappear further from her. She kept following him until she bumped into a forbidden castle. She started to get a feeling she stumbled upon what others were worrying about. She stepped in, keeping her guard up. As she entered the castle, she saw dragon like creatures. It wasn’t the Dragon of Shadows, but they look like they belong to him. One of them came up and asked to state her business. She says she doesn’t have one and was told to follow him.

On the way to where ever they were going, she asked the dragon what exactly was all this. He stopped for a moment and turned towards her. He says that their king doesn’t allow trespassers approaching the hillside let alone the castle. People cannot know about their race of species or it’d be chaos. Arlene asked who they even were and what their doing and how they got here. He pauses for a moment and turned towards Arlene. He then spoke, “We’ll explain more when we get there.”. He then introduced himself as Deacon, the king’s right hand manager. King?...Arlene was a bit concerned and said she would be escort herself out, but Deacon says there’s no taking backsies. She had nothing else to do or she’d be in hot water. When they reached the throne room, it was pitch black until she saw a man in a full body cloak covering his from the neck up and down. Arlene started to feel a feeling of fear. The man told her to state her business. She answered she wasn’t doing anything and she would be on her way. The man closed the door using telekinesis. Arlene then realized she couldn’t cross him or she’d be dragon dinner. She tried to make sure not to frustrate the king. She then asked who exactly they were. The man was pleased with her gentle attitude and then took off his hood, revealing his head. Seeing his eye scar, Arlene was horrified and stumbled and fell backwards. He would’ve taken this as an insult, but there are lots of people who had the same reaction, so luckily, he didn’t mind. After she got back up, he began to continue his introduction. He was, what he refers himself as, The Drogan King. King Kyle K. Kragles. For those of you who don’t know, Drogans are like hybrids. They’re like a cross between a Dragon and a Dinosaur. Hearing his words, Arlene suddenly had a vision. The drogan species are known to originate in Mystico. She asked to explain more

It’s time to Save the Island

Heading back to everyone else, Tiffany is still stoked to meet her idols face to face. At one point, Tiberius surrounds her is a soundproof force field so everyone can listen. Tiago and Desiree were very quick to finally ask what the heck is going on here. Tiberius then explains that he and his friends created Arlene after the incident that happened on this island. Everyone except those who knew all this were confused. Even Tiffany stopped and the force field opened. She then asked “Wait! You seen the...?”. Thomas cuts her off and answers with a yes. Tabitha then explains that she and Thomas disguised themselves to look like they were Arlene’s parents when really, they and Tiberius are just their creators. Tiffany then pauses and ponders on what just happened and suddenly it hit her. If the GC is real, they so must the Dragon of Shadows. Tiberius suddenly feel into a spiral when he heard those words. Tiffany and her friends suddenly fell of guard and Tiffany tried to help him up asking if he was ok. Tiberius explains that he just remembered the Dragon of Shadows after quite some time. But he did explain that he was no myth. If he’s here, there’s no telling what could possibly happen. Tiffany, Tiberius, and Mayor Weber knew what they had to do. Tiffany explain that she saw it and Arlene go up that foggy hill. She and Tiberius then decided to see if they can get to Arlene and help her. They then tells everyone else to go back to town and warn them about the crisis. They all split up and went their separate ways.

As Tiffany and Tiberius try to navigate their way into the castle without being discovered, they soon start to hear crying in the distance. They try to follow the noise to find her. When they finally enter the throne room, they saw Kyle sitting on the very throne. Tiffany ran up and asked what he’s done to Arlene. He pretends to be confused asking what ever do they mean. Tiberius explains that this is where Arlene went after something that happened back in town. The crying started to come back and they turned to see her locked in a gold cage dangling from the ceiling. They try to reason with them but Arlene tells them to stay away from her, claiming she’s a monster. Tiberius tells her he could explain. He tells her she’s not meant to be a monster, she meant to be a hero. Arlene stopped crying for a moment to let him finish. He then explains to her that she was created by him and his friend, Tom and Tabitha. Arlene was a bit befuddled and concern, asking if that’s really true. Tiffany explains he’s right and that it explains what happened back there. Arlene suddenly realized everything and started to wipe off her tears. Her confidence was growing back and she asked if maybe they knew more.

While they were distracted, Kyle was eavesdropping on their conversation and heard everything they were saying. One of those being that Arlene was made to stop the Dragon of Shadows from destroying the island. It’s those words that got Kyle. He started to grow fear and anger. He got off his throne, pulls out his blade, and slowly walked towards Tiberius. Arlene noticed him as he got closer to him. She warned Tiberius and he suddenly turned around. He then pulled out his blade and slashed Kyle before he could to him. Kyle got up in anger and yanked his cloak off of him. He then began to fight back. This all continued until Deacon sounded the alarm, where the drogans seized Tiberius, but they were no match for him even when 2 or 3 worked as a team. Deacon then pulled out the mega horn and called out Phantom and Ripjaw, two of their most power guards. Phantom being the muscle and Ripjaw with his keen eye. When they arrived, they managed to take down Tiberius and even took Tiffany in the process. This made Arlene grow fury and fear. Tiberius and Tiffany tell her she has to do something quick. Arlene, not knowing what to do, remembers that she may have telekinesis powers as back from the town. She tried to focus and concentrate and she shot a laser attack directly at those who surrounded them. Kyle notice and was confused. And when he turned towards Arlene, she slashed the cage open with her powers and began to attack Kyle who tries to defend himself. The drogans then go after her as they try to hold her down but they fail. She tells Tiffany and Tiberius to get out of here and head to town quick. They’re worried about Arlene though, but she explains she’ll be ok and she’s got this. Hoping she’s right, they wish her good luck.

Pre-Final Battle

Arlene tries to get Ripjaw, Phantom, and the Drogans off her tail as they’re preventing her from getting Kyle. Deacon then tells Kyle he’ll bust out the Robo-Drogan. He’ll need some help to set it up. Arlene notices Kyle and Deacon trying to escape the room. She tries to do that thing she did back in town with the shockwave and succeeds. She tries to follow Kyle and Deacon, but she lost them. She tries to use her psychic powers to track them down and when she was getting close, she suddenly heard loud clatters and creaks. It sounded like it was coming from the walls. When she suddenly realized what was going on, she hid and waited for he moment to attack. The walls then bursted as out came the Robo-Drogan. She tried to follow him without being discovered, which was actually hard since it had x-ray vision. But the only place it couldn’t look was above him behind as it would be a pain for it to do that. She tried to say in that position as she then planted psychic explosives to its back, but she could only do one, when... She was discovered and she quickly set off the explosives. She thought she won the first round, but it wasn’t enough to destroy that robot, as it didn’t even flinch. Arlene suddenly realized she was so done for. She seized the opportunity and flew passed him as it then chased her. But it was just too smart for her to out chase. It even pretended to lose her. And when she thought she was safe, she tried to make her escape. She found the exit, but right at that moment, the Robo-Drogan grabbed caught her. It then picked up Arlene with its mouth and gave her a toss and she landing right into it’s mouth where it swallowed her whole. What they didn’t realize was that she wasn’t done. Using all her might, she tried to get to the control room and attack Kyle and Deacon from the inside of the Robo-Drogan. But in an accidental crisis, one of them hit the self destruct button and...KA-BOOM. They shot right out of it, leaving them in a fiery room. Arlene got up as realized that maybe she took care of everything. But she saw Kyle got up. It looked like he had a black bump on his head from impact. But that wasn’t the case. It was actually some sort of big thick antenna. She suddenly saw Kyle’s body as his torso and appendages turned full dark black. Suddenly, he grew a pair of giant dark wings and he began to grow in size, turning his hands and feet into claws. Arlene backed away, but then Kyle grabbed her and squeezed her up tight. His eye began to glow red with no pupils. You don’t think that...oh no!


We head back to DiamondVille, as Mayor Weber and Valerie call an emergency town meeting. Every citizen gathered around and wondered what the heck was going on. Mayor Weber told everyone that they have found answers to the incident. He explains that the monster who killed the farm animals has been suspected to be what many thought to be a myth. The Dragon of Shadows. Everyone was confused saying that they thought he was just a legend. Tom and Tabitha tell them all that he’s real. The all suddenly start to grow worried. Mayor Weber and Valerie told them that maybe they spoke to strongly. They then tell them that it’s no worries as there is one hope. Everyone was concerned asking who on earth could take on the Dragon of Shadows if it’s not the Galactic Comets. They all suddenly hear someone saying “Arlene!”. It was Tiberius and Tiffany. They run up to the podium and explain that they have created Arlene to take on that monster. Everyone began to ask if they were sure if that was the case. Mayor Weber explains that she knows what she doing, then turning towards Tiberius asking if that’s the case. Tiberius explains that he’s right. He and Tiffany manage to boost her confidence to take on that monster. Tiffany then says that they’ll need to hide from the monster just in case. Mayor Weber and Valerie tells her and everyone else that they’ll all need to go underground where they’ll never find or reach them. But before the citizens could respond. BOOM! Everyone suddenly heard some sort of explosion.

One Small Step for Arlene, One Giant Stomp for Shadows

The entrance to the castle burst through, with Arlene flying(in a bad way) into the forest where she was knocked unconscious. The citizens then saw it. The Dragon of Shadows roared in total chaos. Mayor Weber warned everyone to get into the town hall now and head for the underground shelter where they’ll be safe. The Dragon of Shadows head for DiamondVille before they could even make it underground. Arlene suddenly regained consciousness as she then saw the Dragon of Shadows heading for DiamondVille. She had to act fast. She gathered all her courage, extended her hair into wings, and began to power herself up. “Here we go” she said. She flew at supersonic speed and was heading for the Dragon. As it almost reached the city, everyone began to freak out and they tried to speed things up. The dragon, making it to DiamondVille gates, pounces up above the city, ready to slaughter. But Arlene, quick as a flash, kicked him right in the cheek bone, sending it flying into the ocean. He got up and saw Arlene as she gave him the glare. It got back up and began to attack Arlene, but she could read him like an encyclopedia. The dragon tried to use every attack on her, but she couldn’t predict wrong.

The dragon couldn’t take her down for good, so he needed reinforcement. He tried calling through an echo call, but Arlene tried to stop him before he could, but too late. Deacon, Ripjaw, Phantom, and the Drogans all tried to surround Arlene. She raised a force field so she could plan her move. She was thinking hard, made worst for the fact she was on a time crunch cause she couldn’t hold it forever and it was starting to crack a little with all cooperative blows. She thought too hard though as a psychic illusion hit her and a smog oozed out her mind. This created an entity. A giant eagle to be specific. Arlene was able to call mystic GC spirits using telepathy. She asked it to take care of these drogans and Ripjaw. Granting her wish, it began to send shockwaves all around him, sending the drogans into the castle, the forest, the ocean, and even the oasis behind town. The eagle then took Ripjaw, put him in its mouth, and spit him right towards the Dragon of Shadows at sonic speed, knocking the dragon down to the ground and sending Ripjaw flying back into the castle. Arlene thanked it and then asked to see if it can distract him so she can plan and prepare her next move. Granting her wish, it began to attack the dragon.

After dozens of blows, the dragon has had enough. The eagle even managed to try to use its finisher. The dragon pretended to be open and the eagle began to slam its talon into the ground on the dragon. But as it looked like he got him, the dragon slide underneath it, letting its claws get stuck far into the ground, leaving it open. The dragon then pulled out a sharp pointy tentacle from it’s torso and impaled it right through its chest. Which was a problem since the heart is its weak point. The eagle spirit was down and it disappeared, waiting for its next time to be called. The dragon soon felt a feeling of victory, but it forgot Arlene. She came flying right towards it’s skull and she kicked it so hard, the dragons skull cracked. Knocking him down for a few seconds. Getting up, The dragon tried to use it’s tentacles to grab Arlene tight and slam her into the ground a total of 25 times until he left her on the ground after the slam. And then, he pounced up and stomped on Arlene, leaving her in a flat situation as she got stuck to her foot looking flat like a sheet of paper. “Ew!” The dragon said. “I stepped in loser”. It began to guffaw at her and she’s had enough. She injects her psychic powers into his foot and doing so, the dragon begins to vibrate and his body began to explode apart. Arlene slowly descends into the ground, still being flat. She then tries to blow herself back to normal state. What’s left of the dragon is his body parts. But she then sees them trying to connect back together. Arlene seizes the opportunity to finish him off. When the dragon pulls himself back together, he sees Arlene motionless in the air with her asking, “Does it hurt yet? Don’t worry.”. The dragon attempts to pounce at her, but she quickly uses her psychic powers to hold the dragon down into the ground, saying “I’ll put you out of your misery.”. She then charges up her powers and fires a colossal plasma laser beam through a ring in front of her hands. The dragon, left open and vulnerable, sees the laser beam. Realizing he’s done for now, he then says, “(Groan and sigh)I hate you...”. KA-BOOM!!! The explosion vaporizes the dragon in one swoop, leaving behind its only remainder. Kyle, who was unconscious.

I think it’s over

Arlene slowly descends down to the ground where Kyle was. He regains consciousness and sees her looking mad and ruthless. He immediately surrenders, begging her for mercy. He swears he would disrupt the boundaries of her home as long as she lets him go. Arlene takes his word for it and warns him to never come back out. Kyle says he promises, but she didn’t notice was Kyle crossing his fingers. Arlene wasn’t gonna let him live this down and he better watch out. “Don’t mess with this woman”, she said. She then grabs him by the hair, spins him around like a helicopter blade, and throws him right through the castle’s balcony doors. Arlene then flies back to DiamondVille as the citizens exit the Town Hall when Arlene says, “He’s go-o-one!”. Everyone cheered for Arlene. Tiberius, Tiffany, Tom, and Tabitha run to Arlene saying she did it. She stopped Kyle and saved the island. She answers that she‘s truly been blessed.

One Final Announcement

As everyone gathered around for an announcement, Mayor Weber came up and said, “As the Mayor of DiamondVille, I would like to say thank Arlene for saving us all.”. Everyone chanted at Arlene to speech. Arlene came up and said, “I know you’re all here because I saved you all, but I didn’t do it alone. Far from it. For one thing, I had my friends. There’s Tiffany, Tiberius, Tom, Tabitha. They’ve stood by my side and given me the confidence and spark to do this. If it weren’t for them, my chances of saving you all would be low. It’s crazy how I’ve started out not knowing who I was, but my best friend, Tiffany, made me discover what life is. I owe them a lot”. Everyone cheered for her and her friends. Mayor Weber then came up and bestowed Arlene the title of “Defender of DiamondVille”, giving her a medal that is a symbol of heroism. Arlene swore that in the case of any trouble, she will be there to save them. It was at this day, Arlene began her rain as the hero of DiamondVille

Epilogue(Something for the future)

We take a look back at the capsule, as it fires an unknown orb out into the forest. As it hits and descends through the ground, it reveals a statue with a giant heart on top of it and the symbols of the Galactic Comets. The statue bared the name “Angel Heart”. What could this mean? Well, we’ll have to wait in the future and find out.




Drogan Voices


The film premiered in El Capitan Theater on July 12, 1999.

The film was released in theaters worldwide on July 15, 1999. The film would be accompanied with the Fairly Oddparents short, The Zappys.

Home-Media Release

Arlene was released on DVD and VHS on November 1, 1999.

A special edition DVD and Blu-Ray was released in March 2007, which included a copy of the original graphic novel by Robert Nadal.

Marketing and Promotions

Beginning in March of 1999, Arlene has had a hugh marketing to promote the film. Big known companies such as McDonalds, Toys R Us, and CBS began promoting the film with it’s merchandising, bumpers, and more.

  • Robert Graphic Novels — As Robert began to publish the Arlene graphic novel, some of them came with one free child’s ticket to see the film in theaters.
  • McDonald’s — Throughout July, Mcdonald’s Happy Meals came with 7 different Arlene toys.
  • Target — Target has had store exclusive plushes, posters, and figurines beginning in May.
  • Universal Studios Florida — Arlene became a walk around character in Universal Studios beginning in June 1999. The walk around character would also make it to Nickelodeon Suites Resort in 2005.


The film has received positive reviews from fans and critics alike. The film grossed $320 million worldwide. The film has received a 80% on rotten tomatoes based off of 121 reviews. It was one of Nickelodeon Movie’s highest grossing films until later films outgrossed it.

The film was nominated an Annie Award for Best Animated Feature but lost to Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 2. It became the first Nickelodeon film to be nominated an Annie Award for that category.

Expanded Franchise

Tv Show

After the success of the film, a tv show was greenlit and began production in October 1999. Arlene the Series premiered on Nickelodeon on June 4, 2000.


With the success of the film and Nickelodeon acquiring 40% of the Arlene franchise, it wouldn’t have been long until Paramount, Robert, and Nickelodeon would work on Arlene 2. The film would be set to released on October 2002, but after the 9/11, the film was edited out and pushed back to February 2003.


  • This is the first Robert Graphic Novel film adaption, first animated Nickelodeon film that’s not based off of a Nicktoon, and the second animated Nickelodeon film.


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