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855B95F6-FB1C-48EA-9D4A-65087F4670EF.jpeg|Arlene Movie Poster #1
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Arlene is a 1999 traditional animated film based on the best-selling graphic novel by Robert Nadal. The film was Nickelodeon's first original animated feature and the second animated movie they've released after The Rugrats Movie. The film starred Brittany Murphy as the title character and is her first role in an animated movie.


From the distant cosmos on a planet far far away from here, life began to crumble into uninhabitable levels. Millions of the planet's population fled the planet in search for a new one. However, 6 of the planet's inhabitants went in search of locations to defend. The 6 creatures called themselves members of the Galactic Comets. Each member represents a different form of talent including Intelligence, Sacrifice, Magic, Bravery, Leadership, and Assistance. As such, they eventually split up after their home planet was wiped out and 3 of them went to another planet with life and swore to make sure they’d protect it. The closest planet they could find was Earth of course and they've kept the planet from extinction by disintegrating asteroids and preventing any sort of friction from occurring down there, at least while staying away from any proximity to the atmosphere layers. Knowing mystic beings exist would cause mass mayhem and planet wide panic. But they've still managed to achieve their goals for over 7 years,'ll have to listen to the rest of the story to find out

We take a look at these 3, Tiberius, Thomas, and Tabitha, in their starship, relaxing with their cups of coffee and wondering what life on Earth is thinking about with there being no signs of asteroids or any other planet wiping objects. All that makes Tom remind them of is what happened to their home planet. Tiberius reminds him that it's best to leave the past behind him. Just to clarify, it wasn't their fault. Their back story has nothing to do with them causing genocide. The Galactic Comets were meant to defend, not annihilate. With these three, they've went to defend Earth in their honor for 7 years. But when they've reached their 7th year, something unexpected and inevitable happened.

On an island named Tawaho, lived a city, under the name of DiamondVille, around the mountains. Just outside of the town, in the meadows were farm animals living in peace and prosperity. But, one night, something or someone came in to crash the party. It looked like, a colossal octopus monster. It roared down towards the farms animals, ready to eat them. Cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, horses, and goats were being slaughtered and eaten by the monster. Back at the starship, the emergency alarms went off and Tiberius was startled and ran to the computer to take a look at what's going on. It wouldn't take long for the citizens of DiamondVille to overhear the carnage in the meadows. Those who got up, like the mayor, Richard Weber, and his youngest son, Hoover, headed to the meadows to see what was going on, and they saw the monster spewing out the bones of the farm animals towards the citizens. Luckily, he didn't notice them and he left the area and fled to a castle in which no one has entered. Everyone seeing this, they needed to chase it down and stop it. But they couldn't do that because they're too weak to fight such monster. Weber informed the town to return to their homes and we'll find answers to what's going on later. However, there was one person who didn't decide to go back. A 7-year-old girl named Tiffany. She's an orphan who's mother died when she was 2 years old. It was believed that her mom vanished in the castle never to be seen again. But she wonders if maybe answers to everything that's happened and happening could be in there. She went over to the castle as quietly and as defensive as possible. Let's hope she'll be fine.

When Tiberius, Tom, and Tabitha overseen the catastrophe, they were devastated and traumatized. Tiberius questioned where it came from. He turns to Tom who is responsible for looking for any incoming threats. Tom said his instincts detected no outside threats and since he's the member of prediction, he was telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The three needed to act fast. Tiberius decided the best option is to do what they've done in the past, create a creature to go after it. Tiberius pulls out a blueprint of his life's work and lays it down on the testing table. The problem is they don't have the ingredients to make it. What's worse is that it's only found on a life-filled planet like Earth. It's possible they might not make it alive, but they had to try. The three draw straws with Tiberius being the loser. Getting ready to go down there, he tells Tom and Tabitha to finish his plan if he doesn't make it. They promise him they'll make sure they finish his plan if he's out of the picture. They hug him goodbye and he heads down there and disguises himself among the humans down there.

We enter the castle where Tiffany is hiding under the shadows of the castle, bumping into hybrid creatures that call themselves Drogans. She remembers her mother saying about those were claimed to be extinct myths. She takes a deeper look as she notices one flew right to the throne room. Inside, she sees a man and two drogans. As she tries to listen to what one of the drogans conversations with the man. The Drogan warns the man, who was referred to as King Kyle, that an octopus monster have ravaged the meadows and ate the farm animals. Kyle was startled and baffled. He asked what and where did it even come from and yet there were no answers. She noticed one drogan, Deacon, his right hand drogan, sneak out of the throne room as quietly as possible. Seeing him come out, she ran quietly out of the castle and head back to Diamondville without anybody noticing she was gone

Upon unnoticed crash down in a mountain, Tiberius immediately ejected before impact and landed in a nearby pond. Getting up and drying himself, he attempts to communicate Tom and Tabitha via telepathy and list down the ingredients he needs and the ones he already has. But in order to do so, he disguises himself among the citizens of DiamondVille as most of the required ingredients come from human resources. Within 2 hours, Tiberius manages to get the necessary ingredients and call Tom and Tabitha to send him back to the ship. However, before they could do it in time, Tiberius was being muffled and suffocated by someone. But before he could see who, he blacked out. It turns out that the octopus monster, at the size of a human, caught him before he could finish his task. Luckily, while it took Tiberius with him, it didn’t take the small capsule containing the ingredients which Tiberius dropped. Back with Tom and Tabitha, they were startled and afraid that Tiberius was gone. They used a scope to find him, but all that was there was the capsule. They immediately teleported the ingredients to them and swore to finish the plan for Tiberius. After creating the DNA, they prepare to metamorphose the DNA into a life form and launch the capsule tank and themselves down to the island.




Drogan Voices


The film premiered in El Capitan Theater on July 12, 1999.

The film was released in theaters worldwide on July 15, 1999. The film would be accompanied with the Fairly Oddparents short, The Zappys.



Arlene Opening Logos

Arlene Opening Logos

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