Arkham Ghosts is a videogame released in 2017. It is developed by Rocksteady. It takes place after the events of Arkham Knight, with Batman presumed dead, and Michael Lane as the new Batman.


Level One: God's Will

Enemies: Maxie Zeus Cultists

Bosses: Maxie Zeus

Objectives: Rescue Vicki Vale from Maxie Zeus.

Level Two: Arkham Unleashed

Enemies: Criminals, Psychopaths

Bosses: Victor Zsasz, Two-Face

Objectives: Stop the criminals that escaped from Arkham.

Level Three: Fall

Enemies: Criminals (Nightmare), Corpses (Nightmare), The Sacred Order Of St. Dumas (Nightmare)

Bosses: Azrael (Nightmare), Scarecrow

Objectives: Overcome a nightmare created by Scarecrow.

Level Four: Revenge Of The Red Hood

Enemies: Riddler Henchmen

Bosses: The Riddler

Objectives: Team up with Red Hood to stop the Riddler.

Level Five: Warpath

Enemies: Freeze Henchmen

Bosses: Mr. Freeze

Objectives: Prevent Mr. Freeze from coating world with ice.

Level Six: I Am Vengeance

Enemies: Jokerz, League Of Assassins

Bosses: Ubu, Harley Quinn

Objectives: Stop Harley Quinn from using the Lazarus Pit in Gotham to reincarnate Joker, while also preventing the League Of Assassins from taking waters from the pit to Nanda Parbat.

Level Seven: The Desert

Enemies: League Of Assassins

Bosses: Bronze Tiger, Lady Shiva

Objectives: Reach the headquarters of the League Of Assassins by fighting through the League Of Assassins army in Gotham.

Level Eight: The League Of Assassins

Enemies: League Of Assassins

Bosses: Sensei, Ra's al Ghul

Objectives: Stop Ra's al Ghul from reincarnating Talia with waters they took from the Lazarus Pit in Gotham.

Level Nine: King Of Gotham

Enemies: Bane Henchmen, League Of Assassins

Bosses: Poison Ivy, Firefly, Charaxes, Killer Croc, Bane

Objectives: After Bane kills Ra's al Ghul, takes over the League Of Assassins, and beats Batman to near unconciousness, he goes back to Gotham to claim it as his prize. Batman fights a gauntlet of villains working for Bane before reaching Bane himself.

Level Ten: Knightfall

Enemies: Bane Henchmen, League Of Assassins

Bosses: Bane, Hush

Objectives: After Bane's defeat in Level Eight, Batman is prevented from killing him by Hush, who is revealed to be stalking Batman this entire time in the guise of Bruce Wayne. Hush and Bane prepare to destroy Gotham with a Nuclear Bomb stolen from Wayne Enterprises. Batman uses the Knightfalls suit to defeat Bane, but the suit is destroyed in the battle.Without the suit, he stops Hush, and manages to deactivate the Nuclear Bomb by flooding the room. Batman seems to drown, but is rescued by Robin, who, along with Nightwing and Red Hood, have decided to work with Batman. Hush drowned, but Bane seemingly escaped. The heroes vow to capture him. Batman then looks at a nearby building, and sees Bruce Wayne on the roof, who smiles and nods, before walking away.

Side Missions

Throughout the game, there are various Side Missions that can be accessed by encountering certain characters or going into certain places. After the Levels are completed, the player can switch between Batman, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood as playable character, and can go on Side Missions as any of them. Before the game is beaten, the player cannot play as any of these characters except Batman, and in Level Four, when Red Hood is playable. 

Side Mission 1: Batman Reborn

Enemies: Black Mask Henchmen

Bosses: Black Mask

Objectives: Stop Black Mask.

Side Mission 2: Off With His Head 

Enemies: Mad Hatter Henchmen 

Bosses: Tweedledee & Tweedledum, Mad Hatter 

Objectives: Defeat Mad Hatter and rescue his hostages.

Side Mission 3: Hide And Seek

Enemies: None

Bosses: Clayface

Objectives: Track down Clayface, and find out who he is impersonating, then defeat him.  

Side Mission 3: Evil Comes In Threes 

Enemies: Trio Henchmen 

Bosses: Shark, Vulture, Fox 

Objectives: Prevent three crimes committed by the Terrible Trio.  

Side Mission 4: Death In The Clouds 

Enemies: None 

Bosses: Man-Bat 

Objectives: Track down and capture Man-Bat. 

Side Mission 5: Dummies 

Enemies: Ventriloquist Henchmen 

Bosses: Ventriloquist and Scarface 

Objectives: Fight Ventriloquist and Scarface's gang.  

Side Mission 6: Days Since Gone 

Enemies: None 

Bosses: Calendar Man 

Objectives: Stop Calendar Man from killing people on various holidays. Can only be completed on major holidays.  

Side Mission 7: Straight Flush

Enemies: Royal Flush Gang

Bosses: King, Ace

Objectives: Stop the Royal Flush Gang.

Side Mission 8: Tick Tock

Enemies: Clock King Henchmen

Bosses: Clock King

Objectives: Find and destroy several bombs around Gotham within a time limit of five minutes.

Side Mission 9: Rat Race

Enemies: TITAN Rats, Scavengers

Bosses: Ratcatcher

Objectives: Free the sewers from Ratcatcher's control.  

Side Mission 10: Dolls

Enemies: Dolls

Bosses: Dollmaker

Objectives: Find corpses altered to look like Dolls, and discover evidence to track down the Dollmaker. 

Side Mission 11: Death Without Meaning 

Enemies: None 

Bosses: Doctor Death 

Objectives: Find six people infected by Doctor Death throughout the city, and use the blood of one of them to manufacture a cure, and cure the rest. 

Side Mission 12: Task Force X 

Enemies: ARGUS Soldiers 

Bosses: Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Deathstroke 

Objectives: Defeat the Suicide Squad when they try to kill Batman. 

Side Mission 13: The League Reborn   

Enemies: League Of Assassins 

Bosses: Cheshire, Merlyn, David Cain, Nyssa Raatko.  

Objectives: Prevent Nyssa Raatko from recreating the League Of Assassins, by taking down all of her assassins. Only playable after beating the game.

Side Mission 14: Batman Vs. Superman

Enemies: None

Bosses: Red Kryptonite Infected Superman

Objectives: Defeat a Red Kryptonite Infected Superman, using the Knightfall Suit. Only Playable After Beating The Game.

Side Mission 15: Batman RIP

Enemies: None

Bosses: Owlman

Objectives: Find clues that Bruce Wayne is still alive, while combating the mysterious Owlman who is stalking you. Eventually, Batman sees Bruce Wayne in the streets, but he is attacked by Owlman. Batman fights Owlman, who escapes. When Batman looks down to see Bruce, Bruce Wayne is gone. However, he left behind a book of nursery rhymes. When Batman examines it, he sees the "Court Of Owls" poem. Only playable after beating the game.  

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