In this remake of Disney's 1970 animated movie, there would be some changes and some cameos of characters you might not expect to see in this 50th Anniversary remake!


In Autumn 1910, after the great flood of Paris, an elderly, but kindly opera singer named Adelaide Bonfamile decides to retire, months after Her husband died of old age. Arriving home to Her cat, Duchess, and her three kittens, Adelaide calls for her longtime friend and lawyer, Georges Hautecorte, to make a will. Unknown to Adelaide, Her conversation with Her lawyer is being listened by Her butler, Edgar and maid, Elvira, who learn that upon Adelaide's death, Her vast fortune would be given to Her cats. Elvira, refusing to wait more years for the cats to die of old age to get the fortune, decides to think of a plan to get rid of the cats, as Edgar who thinks money couldn’t buy happiness, is bewildered on what Elvira's thinking.

As Duchess and Her kittens, Toulouse, the Genius Painter, Marie, the Virtuous Singer, And Berlioz, the visionary Musician go about their day, Elvira goes to a dilapidated part of Paris, and anonymously pays 250 Francs and attaches it to a note saying to kidnap a family of cats. Later that night, as everyone was asleep, a silhouetted person and a rogue female kitten enter the mansion and keeps Duchess and Her family asleep by using Catnip around their noses. (Berlioz almost wakes up but the kitten Kisses Him into thinking He's dreaming, and goes back to sleep.) Then, after kidnapping the cats, the thief takes them somewhere out of the way, along the way, the thief is attacked by two farm dogs, Napoleon and Lafayette. in the chaos, the thief lost the cats which Landed in a dilapidated barn. after the thief escaped the area with His life, Duchess wakes up to see that's She's not home and Her three kittens are disoriented. But, when a rainstorm began, They hid in the barn, and rest for the night. Back at the Bonfamille Estate, Adelaide wakes up, and notices that Her beloved cats are missing, and decides to call the police. Roquefort, who listens decides to search the city for the cats.

The next morning, Duchess wakes up to see an Orange Cat named Abraham de Lacey Giuseppe Casey Thomas o’Malley, with His feisty Street-smart daughter, Cassoulet or Cass for Short. Duchess asks for O’Malley's Help, which He agrees to, thinking He could find a step-mother for Cassoulet. O’Malley helps the other cats hop a milk truck, as it stops to a stop sign, on the way to France. Hours later, the driver spots the cats, and chases them out, as He almost captures Marie. On the way to Paris by foot, Duchess admired O’Malley for saving His daughter, and asked if Cassoulet’s Mother would have the same reaction. O’Malley said that Her mother died a couple months after Cassoulet's birth. O’Malley also said that He's Been looking for a potential mother for Her, which makes Duchess feel worried, as They make the City Limits to Paris.

back at the Bonfamille Estate as the police search for Duchess and the kittens, Elvira leaves the Estate, and visits the place where She hired the thief to congratulate Him, the thief apologizes to Elvira for losing track, and losing the cats. Elvira, undeterred, tells the thief the second He encounters the four cats, He's to deal with them, accordingly as the thief's kitten listens. The thief, wanting to make double sure, goes to where the dogs attacked Him, to check. arriving back, He is attacked by the dogs again, and is captured, to be taken to the police as the Kitten mourns for His incarcerated owner.

Later, on the rooftops of Paris, the cats were getting tired, and they rest up at a dilapidated flat House, where a gang of jazz-playing cats live. After Scat Cat's performance, Duchess and Her kittens rest up as O'Malley felt that Duchess doesn't want a life as a stray, but wishes the best of luck finding a mother for Cassoulet. The next morning, Duchess and Her younglings reach home. But, the moment Elvira heard, She traps them in a sack, and stuffs them in a shed. Roquefort, who saw it, leaves the mansion calling for help. O’Malley who heard tells Cassoulet and Roquefort to get Scat Cat’s gang for help, which they do, despite some interference.

At the Seine River, Elvira intends to toss the cats into a passing mail truck that will take them, to who knows where, until O’Malley interferes. But,, as Elvira was about to toss O’Malley in the river, Scat Cat’s gang come to the rescue, until She threatens to toss O’Malley in the river if they don’t back off. Thankfully, Napoleon and Lafayette, with Cassoulet’s help, thwart Elvira, who is arrested by the police, thanks to the thief giving information for a lighter sentence on who hired Him To steal the cats. Upon returning home, The Cats see the thief’s kitten mourning outside of the Bonfamille estate. Berlioz recognizes the kitten from Her dreams, as Scat Cat seeing how depressed She is, offers to take Her home, then decides to adopt Her after learning She’s an orphan. As Duchess, O’Malley and the kittens return home, to a relieved Adelaide.

A few months later, The cats and a few people visit Adelaide’s Funeral. Edgar, who was never involved in Elvira’s plan, makes a heartwarming speech to honor His employer, who established a foundation, a home for Paris’ stray cats. Once the speech was over, the cats return to the estate, with saddened hearts. At a balcony, Duchess looks at the night sky as O’Malley is alongside Her. He then says to her, “Look, the Future can be kind or cruel at any given moment, but if We dwell on the past, then... what’s the point of looking forward?” Duchess sheds a tear, and says that He’s right. They watch the night sky as Cassoulet sees a shooting star, and says, “that falling star, is that Adelaide, Mama Duchess?” Duchess responds, “I think it is.”

During the credits, a great number of Disney Cats are in paintings, whom are descendants of Duchess’ Family. Then in a Mid-credits scene, Elvira is griping in a prison cell and kicks the wall, which as luck had it, falls.


  • In Scat Cat's Gang, A Korat Cat replaces Chinese Cat, and a Chartreux is added in the gang.
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