Aria Blaze feeling a little positive

Aria's human form

Aria Blaze is an evil-turned-good siren from Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks and wanted to find and destroy the amulet forever. When she made a comeback appearance in Taming of the sirens, she learned her lesson and applogized to her father, King Poseidon (a good siren).


She was an evil siren who uses distractions to leave the other heroes unattended in order to plan to destroy all of the amulets. Suddenly, she changed her ways in EG-taming of the sirens




  • "Destroy the amulet, Adagio!"
  • "The PowerPuff girls are only five years old! So, they might be underage heroines but they are now five-year-old superheroines! Like heck we will! Destroy them all!"
  • "Hey Courage, I got a new toy for you! Fetch!"
  • "I'm so sorry, dear father Poseidon!"
  • I feel good inside, thanks Twilight

Image songs


when she changed her ways (just like Adagio and Sotana)

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