Archie Detective Agency
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Coming of age

Based on

Archie by Archie Comics

Voices of

Jason Marsden
Mae Whitman
Jessica McKenna
Dante Basco

Country of

United States





Sam Register

Running time

22 min. (approx.)


Archie Comics
Warner Bros. Animation


Warner Bros. Television Distribution



Cartoon Network
WB Kids (2019-)

Original release

October 4th, 2018-present

Archie Detective Agency is an American animated adventure-mystery-comedy television series based on the eponymous comic book series by Archie Comics, being developed by TBD. It is produced by Archie Comics and Warner Bros. Animation and it airs on Cartoon Network since October 4th, 2018, with first-run rights moving to WB Kids in November 2019.


Archie Andrews forms a group of detectives to solve mysteries in Riverdale as he and his friends face several threats, mostly being strange and supernatural.



  • Archibald "Archie" Andrews (voiced by Jason Marsden) - a calm young teenager who investigates several odd cases in Riverdale while he handles with some problems related to his personal life, including his longtime love triangle situation between him, Betty and Veronica.
  • Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper (voiced by Mae Whitman) - Archie's kind and rather ditzy childhood friend who has a longtime crush on him and teams up with him to solve mysteries.
  • Veronica Lodge (voiced by Jessica McKenna) - Archie's wealthy and rather self-absorbed other childhood friend who, like her best friend Betty, has a liking of him and joins him in his quest to solve any type of strange mystery.
  • Forsythe "Jughead" Jones (voiced by Dante Basco) - Archie's hungry best friend who has a love for food, especially hamburgers, and helps him to solve mysteries.
    • Hot Dog (vocal effects by Dee Bradley Baker) - Jughead's pet dog who often follows him around.


  • Marmaduke "Moose" Mason (voiced by James Arnold Taylor) - a dimwitted jock who is also friends with Archie and often tries to help TBD.
  • Reginald "Reggie" Mantle (voiced by Jason Spisak) - a wealthy and jerkish jock who has a frenemyship with Archie and Jughead, often trying to outshine them.
  • Cheryl Blossom (voiced by Lara Jill Miller) - a popular and arrogant student who TBD.
  • Dilton Dolley (voiced by Benjamin Diskin) - TBD
  • Josie McCoy (voiced by Lacey Chabert) - the rather TBD leader of Josie and the Pussycats who TBD.
  • Terry "Pop" Tate (voiced by Jim Cummings) - TBD
  • Principal Waldo Weatherbee (voiced by Dwight Schultz) - TBD
  • Miss Geraldine Grundy (voiced by Grey Griffin) - TBD
  • Fred and Mary Andrews (voiced by Andrew Rannells and America Young, respectively) - TBD
  • Hal and Alice Cooper (voiced by TBD and TBD, respectively) - TBD
  • Hiram and Hermione Lodge (voiced by TBD and TBD, respectively) - TBD
  • Forsythe and Gladys Jones (voiced by Matthew Lillard and TBD, respectively) - TBD
  • TBD


  • Horsedew (voiced by John DiMaggio) - an angry and wild gnome who Moose kept as a pet until he started causing chaos.
  • Rory (voiced by [sassy]) - a vicious werecat who turned Josie into a werecat and is very hostile.
  • Mr. Gills (voiced by TBD) - a fish creature who disguised himself as a substitute gym teacher to eat people.
  • The Hypnopuss (vocal effects by Dee Bradley Baker) - an octopus that is capable of controlling people with his tentacles.
  • Aphrodite (voiced by Jessica McKenna) - the goddess of love who possessed Veronica and caused chaos in her body.
  • Zabuzel (voiced by Daniel Riordan) - a demon who possessed Archie and forced him to do bad things.
  • TBD (voiced by [Neil Patrick Harris, Jonathan Groff, Christian Borle, Alex Brightman, Cheyenne Jackson or TBD]) - TBD

Differences from the comics

  • It is obviously less focused on the romance aspect, although it does appear.


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See Legends of Sabrina.

A spin-off focused on Archie sister series Sabrina the Teenage Witch premiered on November 13th, 2020.


  • TBD
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