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# No. Title Synopsis Director Writer Original air date
1 1 Condo Zone Archer has moved to a new condo but surprise is that Lana has moved in with him. Meanwhile,Barry has made a plan to kill Archer with a new secret weapon. Adam Reed Adam Reed January 2 2014
2 2 Cross-Cybrog Showdown After Archer's death. The Muirfield,a secret team Krieger made uses cross-species DNA. They use it on Archer to bring him back from the dead. Meanwhile, Barry finds out and has his new KGB soldier Evan to help him stop Krieger. Krieger has Conway come and help out. Adam Reed Adam Reed January 9,2014
3 3 Moreno Invasion Mercedes comes to visit Archer who is now an extrimis super-human. But she doesn't. Seem to not care if his different, Mercedes also brings along Lupe who develops feelings for Woodhouse. But meanwhile Barry and Kayta find out Archer has a new girlfriend witch Kayta dislikes. Adam Reed Adam Reed January 16,2014
5 5 Moreno Mission Mercedes becomes an ISIS agent but Archer isn't really not happy about her going on missions with him but also her code name is Moreno Wild. There mission is to grab and go some new tech from New Orleans to there surprise Barry is there for the same reasons with his not to happy wife Kayta. Adam Reed Adam Reed January 23, 2014

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