Archeopteryx (SciiFii)
Archaeopteryx neo (name meaning "new-old wing"), is a species of small flying black bird-like dinosaur that is transitional between non-avian feathered dinosaurs and modern birds. Archaeopteryx neo originally lived in the Late Jurassic around 150 million years ago, in what is now southern Germany during a time when Europe was an archipelago of islands in a shallow warm tropical sea, much closer to the equator than it is now, but it has since been brought back by SciiFii from extinction and now lives in the Jurassic Aviary in Jurassic Trails section of Cretaceous Park located in Sacramento, California. It is normally similar in size to a Eurasian magpie, however, some individuals have grown to about the size of a raven, about half a metre (1 feet 8 inches) in length. Despite their small size, broad wings, and inferred ability to fly and glide, Archaeopteryx neo has more in common with other small Mesozoic dinosaurs than with modern birds. In particular, they share the following features with the dromaeosaurids and troodontids: jaws with sharp teeth, three fingers with claws, a long bony tail, hyperextensible second toes ("killing claw"), feathers, and various features of the skeleton.

These features make Archaeopteryx neo a clear candidate for a transition between non-avian dinosaurs and birds. Thus, Archaeopteryx neo plays an important role, not only in the study of the origin of birds, but in the study of other dinosaurs. Archaeopteryx neo is a carnivore and mainly feeds on arthropods, fish, frogs, small lizards, small snakes, smaller non-avian dinosaurs, small birds, small mammals, and even occasionally carrion. The eggs of Archaeopteryx neo are laid around 4-5 months after the mating seasons, and the eggs themselves hatch between 2-3 months after being laid. The chicks of Archaeopteryx neo are cared for by their mothers until they are almost fully-grown, when they must fend for themselves.

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