Archaeoindris (SciiFii)
The gorilla lemur (Archaeoindris gorillamimus) is a giant species of ape-like short-tailed lemur found throughout the forests and rainforests of eastern Madagascar. It was once extinct, but has since been brought back from extinction by SciiFii and reintroduced to eastern Madagascar, where the original gorilla lemur species once lived in. It is the largest-known species of lemur that has ever lived and the largest-known strepsirrhine primate, about the size of its extinct relative, it can grow to be around the height and length of an average-sized gorilla and weigh between 160 kilograms (350 pounds) and  244.1 kilograms (538 pounds). It is a herbivore that mainly feeds on leaves, fruits, bamboo, and soft nuts. It is named for its large size, gorilla-like body build, and being a social herd-dwelling animal that lives in groups up to around 25 at a time. The conservation status of the gorilla lemur is Endangered due to habitat loss and sometimes poaching, despite taboos against it, but the conservationists are attempting to save gorilla lemurs from going extinct again, by protecting their natural habitats, as well as captive breeding, and stopping poachers from hunting large lemurs.
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