Aquatic Adventures of Dylan Darby is an American animated adventure fantasy comedy television series that is a spin-off to Secrets of Atlantis, being produced by Warner Bros. Animation and will release on HBO Max on June 17th, 2021, with a television premiere slated for later on the same year.


The series revolves around Dylan Darby who has been making sure his sea creature friends stay safe while also having to deal with his own life on land.



  • Dylan Darby (voiced by Antonio Raul Corbo) - a curious little boy who has the ability to turn into a merboy as he ends up saving other mermaids' lives, as well as the other sea creatures.


  • Kelpbucket (vocal effects by Tara Strong) - a playful seahorse who is Dylan's pet as he often goes out on adventures with him.
  • Molly Darby (voiced by TBD) - an easily worried woman who is Dylan's mother as she is overprotective of him, while also being unaware of his ability.


  • Alabama (voiced by TBD) - a rowdy merman who is the rodeo head as he loves to force people to do rodeo stuff.


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