A sequel to Aquapets (2021) this sequel is coming in June 7 2024.


fuego is back after big boo is in jail, squirt saw that the coconuts are gone, fuego came and said "oh no!" and jak came and saw that the coconuts are gone, a wired aquapet name yetti that he got the coconuts, fuego came to find new friends and he came to NICK JR. land and dora came to the aquapets and now she is in the aquapets team, and he came back and a fuego guy name light-go and fuego got a real friend and he got to find more and more so he found spongbob, bebe, and tabi, yetti was going to kill the coconuts but fuego and friends came and said "you stop there" and all the coconuts came out of the coconut killer and yetti came to jail so the coconuts save the day, zmooch is happy because they save the day.

CAST (guys form the first movie)

TBA as fuego green

TBA as squirt

TBA as jak

TBA as fizzie

TBA as fretta

TBA as the coconuts

TBA as zmooch

TBA as lzzi

CAST (new guys)

TBA as light-go

TBA as yetti

TBA as coconut mel

TBA as dora

TBA as spongbob

TBA as bebe

TBA as tabi

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