Act 1

(The special starts in a unknown town with a suburban house while the sun rises. Cuts to Darla, who is doing the dishes and hums a tune in the same room and kitchen from the Aqua Teen House. Then we see Minnie, who is drunkenly walking when she's woke up, and opens a fridge to take something.)

  • Minnie: (yawns) Good morning, Darla.
  • Darla: Good morning, Minerva. How's your great sleeping going?
  • Minnie: I feel great, because my dreams are really heavy to keep my brain a lot!
  • Darla: Mmm... that's not what I heard.

(Frieda appears.)

  • Frieda (off-screen): Yeah. I know, Ms. Darla Shake.
  • Darla: Huh?

(She looks at Frieda, who is crossing her arms.)

  • Darla: (shocked) Frieda Lucy! What the hell are doing here?
  • Frieda: Well, I saw you and Minnie doing a serious morning breakfast. Plus, I woke up while I'm getting dressed and brushing my teeth.
  • Darla: Hmph. It's a living. Sometimes we just in time for a big competition.

(Minnie is serving eggs an on the plates when she talked.)

  • Minnie: But, now we need to do something, guys? Like going undercover, helping kids, or be millennials?
  • Darla: (talking to Minnie) Look, we all millennials, and me as a personal neighbor.
  • Minnie: Mmm-hmm.

(She sat on a green reclining chair. Darla walks back to the kitchen when her rubber gloves is wet.)

  • Darla: (disgusted) Ew, that's gross.

(She puts her gloves in the table and goes back to the living room.)

  • Minnie: Hmm. I wonder the television is still working.

(She switches the TV on, then a off-screen male voice is heard.)

  • TV announcer: You're watching the Basic Channel!
  • Minnie: Well that's basic and new.
  • Darla: I know, right. Perhaps this channel has more variety since 2015.
  • Frieda: Yes, even the returning shows that moved to that channel.

(A door knocks, then Minnie gets in for seeing a mailman holding a package.)

  • Mailman: Special delivery from Minnie T. Wade!
  • Minnie: Thanks, mister! And I appreciate that.
  • Mailman: Safety first.

(She closes the door while a package reads "Minerva Terrence Wade - 1649 Hunting Trail - Streetview, USA". Minnie opens a package and she got the collection of action figures.)

  • Minnie: (gasps) It's my favorite collectables!
  • Frieda: Wow, I knew you got more action figures.
  • Minnie: I know! Collectibles are good! And they're so beautiful!
  • Darla: Yep, I also got more collectables so you gonna take them in the bedroom. (leaves)
  • Minnie: Sure.
  • Frieda: Okay. It's about time to watch my favorite reality show. Yeah. (humming a tune as she walks)
  • Darla (off-screen): Hey, where's my socks and the colorful drapes?

(The title of the special appears, then it cut to the Aqua Girls are walking outside.)

  • Minnie: (humming a tune) So, you're my two friends are walking to a normal neighborhood, right?
  • Darla: Yeah, everything is so quiet in here, just three of us.

(Frieda is playing with her smartphone while she walked with Darla and Minnie.)

  • Frieda: To be honest, girls. I notice there's a free ball at the sports store.
  • Darla: Maybe it's sold out, apparently.
  • Minnie: (surprised) OMG!!!
  • Darla: What?!?
  • Minnie: I can eat something!

(She points to a restaurant for her happiness.)

  • Darla: What the fuck are you pointing at?
  • Minnie: (talking to Darla) Can't you believe, Mistress Shake? It's a pretty fast food restaurant that is home of the burgers, fries, drinks and kids meals! And it's so pretty...
  • Frieda: Come on, Minnie. That's why you love meals during lunchtime or dinnertime.
  • Minnie: Whatever. Let's go!

(The Aqua Girls are entering the restaurant, and they need to take our orders.)

  • Darla: Hi, can I take a milkshake, some fries and a meatball, with a fish sandwich.
  • Minnie: And can I please get two original burgers with ketchup.
  • Frieda: Plus, give me two diet colas!
  • Cashier: Okay, that'll be two dollars.

(Few minutes later, the girls are sitting on the table with their meals.)

  • Frieda: Guess what guys. (clears throat) It's kinda great to go a restaurant for several days ago.
  • Darla: Definitely.
  • Minnie: Just like another restaurant when Meatwad owns it. Anyway, according to the fast food club, I'm a heroine of every eater!

(Minnie quickly eats a burger and a diet cola for her excitement, then she steals a last piece of Darla's fish sandwich.)

  • Darla: Hey, you ate my last piece!
  • Minnie: Nice try, Darla! (laughs)
  • Darla: Oh, you son of a bitch!

(She throws with a milkshake to Minnie.)

  • Minnie: Ugh, my favorite sweater!

(Darla smacks to Minnie for a argument.)

  • Darla: Fuck you, Minnie T. Wade!!! And I'm leaving for a sight, thank you.

(Darla walks out to the restaurant.)

  • Minnie: Damn.

(The scene features Darla outside the movie theater to an usher in the box office.)

  • Usher: So, you're here, to get the ID?
  • Darla: Yeah, right here.

(An usher looks to Darla's student ID, which has a picture of herself and her name.)

  • Usher: Well, Darla Shake. I know you're a great citizen.
  • Darla: Exactly! While I'm a great citizen, I can do anything I want!
  • Usher: Yes. So what's your clothing discount?
  • Darla: Oh you know, white tank top, grey pants and white sneakers, with white baseball cap and yellow rubber gloves... wait, hold up. Have you watched everybody's student cards?
  • Usher: Yep.
  • Darla: Even some names from your notepad?
  • Usher: Of course.
  • Darla: Ha, it's fine to seeing cards for everyone, but seriously. My eyes are currently yellow when I'm drunk as hell. Thanks. (leaves)

(Back in the Aqua Girls' house, where it goes to Minnie's bedroom, where Minnie is entering her room and she's wearing red-white-blue striped headband, a black tank top, black pants and gray sneakers with the remaining of her light brown socks. Also, it notice that Minnie's bedroom is really the same as Meatwad's room, but adding more stuff with the removal of the sand-filled closet, a heater bed and the scribble drawings at the wall.)

  • Minnie: Right, so this is my "exercise room". I swear I was in the local gym in 2 years ago, but this is my choice to get fit!

(She tries to get a tape, and hits the play button on a boombox which plays a workout music. Then Minnie is now exercising with some exercise equipment, such as a mat, a yoga ball, etc. Suddenly, Frieda opens the door to see Minnie.)

  • Frieda: Hey friend.

(Minnie turns off the music from a boombox.)

  • Minnie: Hey.
  • Frieda: How you doing?
  • Minnie: Uh... (giving two thumbs up) good. I'm just chilling.
  • Frieda: I know. Have you posted to Darla for a serious apologize?
  • Minnie: Yeah, she's really angry to spilled my sweater. So I decided to stay healthy for a energy.
  • Frieda: Huh. That's new.

(Minnie and Frieda are walking back to the living room.)

  • Minnie: Phew, I have a nice activity for my best!
  • Frieda: Oh it's fine, Minerva Terrance Wade. Anyway, I wonder where Darla is.

(Darla enters the living room with holding a .)

  • Darla: Hey sloppy girls.
  • Frieda and Minnie: Greetings, Darla.
  • Minnie: Remember you saw the mail that I sent on your phone?
  • Darla: Yeah. (burps)
  • Frieda: Well, I'm going back to my room. (leaves)
  • Darla: Sorry for being angry in the restaurant, dude.
  • Minnie: It's fine. You wanna watch some funny viral videos in my room?
  • Darla: Oh yeah. (giving her thumbs up)

(Three days later, Darla is in her bedroom and calling on the phone for going out.)

  • Darla: (calling on the phone) Yeah, I having a seven minutes to visit the next area, so I got a gas car for the sweet ride!
  • Caller: A gas car, everyone were on it?
  • Darla: Well, I got a one girl who is coming to a seat.
  • Caller: Good. You're going to a play area.
  • Darla: Thanks. That's according to my friend. (hangs up phone)

(In Minnie's room, she's typing on the computer.)

  • Minnie: Stay typing, stay typing, stay typing, stay typing, stay typing...

(A computer monitor is off by a error.)

  • Minnie: Piff, oh well. Time to go out.

(Meanwhile in Frieda's room, she's wearing headphones and playing a online game to chat with her gamers. Also, it notice that Frieda's room is more the same as Frylock's room.)

  • Frieda: Alright, JustTammi. I know you're still playing my favorite game for all time, so you gonna bring it!

(In the interior of Tammi's house, we see Tammi with her headphones and a laptop on the table to chat with Frieda and the gamers.)

  • Tammi: FriedaPlayz, puh-lease! This game is awesome when Russell told it. Isn't that true, Hannibal1983?

(At Hannibal's room, he's also wearing headphones to chat with Frieda and the gamers.)

  • Hannibal: It's definitely true, JustTammi. Even GyroRobo plays a lot.

(At Daniel's room, he's also wearing headphones to chat with Frieda and the gamers.)

  • Daniel a.k.a. "Gyro-Robo": Come on, man! This game makes no sense, but I was played another game called "Destructo 4"!

(Frieda and the gamers were arguing in each scene.)

  • Frieda: I don't give a fuck about "Destructo 4", Daniel!
  • Hannibal (off-screen from the voice chat): Yeah, this game is a shit.
  • Daniel a.k.a. "Gyro-Robo" (off-screen from the voice chat): Who cares!
  • Tammi (off-screen from the voice chat): Listen, I'll get a free video game that will be much better than the "Destructo" series!
  • Daniel a.k.a. "Gyro-Robo" (off-screen from the voice chat): Wait, what?
  • Tammi (off-screen from the voice chat): WHOOO!!!! LET'S GET GOING, YA'LL!!!!
  • Hannibal (off-screen from the voice chat): EVERYONE, WILL YOU PLEASE CONTINUE THE GAME?!?
  • Frieda: YES, HANNIBAL!!! WE KEEP ON RUNNING!!! (growling)

(The gamers are talking rage for the online game.)

  • Tammi: Ha-ha! You never win!
  • Frieda: (shouting to Tammi) JUSTTAMMI, WATCH OUT!!!
  • Tammi: Huh?

(A explosion sound is heard when Tammi is shocked.)

  • Game voiceover: You lose.
  • Frieda (off-screen from the voice chat): Yes, yes, yes, yes! I win!
  • Tammi: Dang it, I got dead again.
  • Hannibal (off-screen from the voice chat): Good job, Frieda!
  • Daniel a.k.a. "Gyro-Robo" (off-screen from the voice chat): Nice bomb attack, FriedaPlayz!
  • Frieda: Bomb squad! In your face, Tammi!
  • Tammi (off-screen from the voice chat): That's okay, FriedaPlayz. We're gamers, we never die, we just response.
  • Frieda: Absolutely.

(Minnie knocks the door of Frieda's room.)

  • Minnie (off-screen): Frieda, please calm down. We going to a play area with Darla!
  • Frieda: Oh, sorry Minnie. I'm still continuing my favorite game. Good luck.
  • Minnie: That's okay, bye-bye.

(Minnie exiting the house and dragging the Leptons backpack with her smartphone.)

  • Minnie: I was really masturbated in the early morning, but... (looks her watch when it's 12:25pm) Now for the moment of truth.
  • Darla: Beep-beep! Hop in if you want to live, dystopian dildos.
  • Minnie: Yes! Right on time! But don't get some nasty and disgusting testicles while it's time.
  • Darla: Come on then!
  • Minnie: Okay, okay, Darla!

(She enters Darla's car while Darla is driving.)

  • Darla: I know you need to go to the best place of America, right?
  • Minnie: Yeah, I'm excited to the party in the play area! Whoo!!!
  • Darla: (laughs) #PlaytimeRocks. Let's party!

(Scene change to a metropolitan neighborhood when Darla's car is driving.)

  • Minnie (off-screen): WOO-HOO!!!

Act 2

(It continues with a play area called Dr. Weird's Castle, which is being the namesake of his trademark castle in South Jersey Shore. Darla and Minnie entering the play area.)

  • Minnie: There it is, Darla. Welcome to Dr. Weird's Castle! It's the place where all the the fun and games lived!
  • Darla: Wow, I've never go to Dr. Weird's playtime castle. You're right, Minnie.
  • Minnie: Exactly, there's also things we have! Follow me.

(She follows with Darla and sees Jubilee and Steve, as the employees.)

  • Minnie: This is the employees of that play area, who were working it on several days.
  • Darla: But that short pink haired girl looks like me.
  • Minnie: I know, her name is... (sees Jubilee's name tag) Jubilee. (laughs)

(She continues to go on a tour for Darla.)

  • Minnie: Anyway, this play area has also more things, like arcade cabinets, the ball pit, a nice picture, and eating some foods too!
  • Darla: Me too, pussy. All of the kid-friendly things were kinda like the old baseball game. (sees Carl, who is eating a slice of pizza) Damn, who the fuck is that fat guy sitting there?
  • Minnie: Uh... I think he's a diet feeder.
  • Darla: (sighs) Don't worry, I'll handle this.

(She's readies her squirt gun with blobs of pistachio milkshake in it.)

  • Minnie: What are you holding?
  • Darla: It's my newest squirt gun from my backpack, but you know it's used for blasting the milkshake inside. See ya then.
  • Minnie: Thanks. (nervously) Oh, uh, I guess there's only... o-one way out of this... (sees something) There! The game is in my mind! Go! (leaves)

(Darla walks to Carl for her special.)

  • Darla: Yo, what's up.
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