Act 1

(The special starts in the same living room from the original Aqua Teen House where Darla and Minnie are watching a episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force on the television, then Frieda walks in and arms crossed while she sees the girls)

  • Frieda: Darla. Minnie. What are you watching?
  • Darla: We're watching a nice show, so that means it currently aired in reruns before the show's cancelled on Adult Swim.
  • Minnie: (excited) We love the Aqua Teens!
  • Frieda: Well, I suppose we could do that. But you guys are watching this stupid show all over again!
  • Minnie: Look, I'm telling you that the variety show is about the talking milkshake, a floating box of French fries and a shape-shifting meatball, but it seems to be the weird-looking neighbors.
  • Frieda: Come on Minerva, we know some characters are weird anyway, however I just love those shows like Black Dynamite, Black Jesus and The Boondocks.
  • Darla: Yeah Minerva, stop being the average Adult Swim viewer! (giving a raspberry)
  • Minnie: You know, uh... guess what Frieda Lucy and Darla Shake? (gets up) I must to go to my room when I'm working for my entire reason.

(She leaves and stops walking before she's giving her last thing to the girls)

  • Minnie: ...and you guys are fracking weird as possible! (leaves)
  • Frieda: (sighs) Don't be cruel now.

(Frieda tries to sit on the floor as she watches the television with Darla)

  • Darla: Hey, can you warm up some popcorn, please?

(Then, the title for the special appears, and then we go to the bedroom where Minnie takes off her shoes)

  • Minnie: Man, I am so frustrated and pissed that my two friends are dodging to watch television! What can I do? Hmm. I must to make my fantastic project!

(She sits behind the computer to type a story by her. The word reads: "Revenge of the Twisted Things - Created by Minnie T. Wade")

  • Minnie: Right, my story is ready to be steady. (thinks) Besides, how long should I get to the finish? Oh well, at least it will take a while.

(She types her story when Frieda is knocking the door in the off-screen)

  • Frieda (off-screen): Hey Minnie, what are you doing here?
  • Minnie: Typing a story, as soon as you can calm down to watch TV while I'm leaving.
  • Frieda (off-screen): Oh really, but it's about a damn time to go outside the backyard!
  • Minnie: No! Now get out of my site!
  • Frieda (off-screen): Fine! (leaves)
  • Minnie: Okay, where was I.

(Minnie continues to type a story in 1 hour ago, but she's tired for typing when Darla comes in and takes her dishwashing gloves off)

  • Darla: Hello there!
  • Minnie: Oh hey, Mistress Shake. I'm just working my story called the "Revenge of the Twisted Things".
  • Darla: Oh, cool! So what this all about?
  • Minnie: It's about some random things and attacking each other.
  • Darla: Mmm... that's not what I heard.
  • Minnie: Very obvious story, huh. Now hold still, before I'm tired, you wanna type my brand new story?
  • Darla:, yeah! I'll do it my best!
  • Minnie: Just go ahead and try.

(Darla comes to the desk while Minnie looks at her)

  • Darla: Okay, there was a rich man who is nice and clean, when he is guaranteed for buying groceries at the supermarket. But was a setup. Meanwhile, the rich man's wife notices a messy floor at the living room, then she calls the FBI for destroying the building. So the man sees his nice building when it's massacred, now he's crying.
  • Minnie: That's amazing story.
  • Darla: And furthermore, the spaceships were invaded in the city.
  • Minnie: Ooooohh!
  • Darla: Then the man is chased by those goddamn aliens.
  • Minnie: (terrified) So scary for space aliens from outer space!
  • Darla: While the aliens to kill him, then they having a free high school party!
  • Minnie: (giving a thumbs up) I love this part.
  • Darla (off-screen): And they lived happily ever after, the end. Done!

(Cut to the Aqua Girls are walking outside)

Act 2

Coming soon!

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