Aqua Girl Action Squad is an American animated television special, serving as a spin-off to Aqua Teen Hunger Force, being created by Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis. It is produced by Williams Street and aired on February 10, 2020 on Adult Swim.


Three teenage human girls named Darla, Frieda and Minnie who lived in another city and having reliable sources about their new undercover job, only Minnie understands her situation.


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  • Katee Sackhoff as Darla Shake, a distinctively southern American-accented idiotic roommate, and is the human and female counterpart of Master Shake. She is also known as Mistress Shake. Unlike Shake, Darla doesn't have superpowers from Shake's blobs of pistachio milkshake.
  • Tika Sumpter as Frieda Lucy, the smartest roommate, and is the human and female counterpart of Frylock. Unlike Frylock, Frieda doesn't have superpowers including eye beams.
  • Michelle Trachtenberg as Minerva "Minnie" T. Wade, the naive roommate, and is the human and female counterpart of Meatwad. Unlike Meatwad, Minnie doesn't do shape-shifting.
  • Dave Willis as Carl Brutananadilewski, a quick-tempered character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, who appeared in one scene where Darla first met with him at Dr. Weird's Castle.

Additional voices by Phil LaMarrRob CorddryHannibal BuressSeth Green, Faye Otto, Tom RootFred TatascioreJustin Roiland and Cam Brainard, with an archival voice recording of C. Martin Croker as the disembodied voice of Dr. Weird.


In early 2018, after the ATHF revival was postponed one year ago, Maiellaro is planned to make an ATHF spin-off special starring the gender-swapped versions of the show's main characters with a mix of "human being". Keith Crofford and Walter Newman serves as executive producers for the special, due to Mike Lazzo's retirement in December 2019.


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  • Like many specials on Adult Swim, the special has a 22-minute runtime.
  • The special's animation and the art style is the same from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
  • The title of this special is similar to Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 (the eighth season of ATHF).
  • Unlike other ATHF episodes, it didn't have the show's theme song and its ending theme, but only the music score which composed by Michael Kohler.
  • The Williams Street logo is enhanced with a smoke on the Ghost Planet Industries building (from Space Ghost Coast to Coast) and the "WILLIAMS STREET" text and the Cartoon Network copyright information is completely black. Also, the logo does not wave in this variant, and thus is completely still, no animation at all, even the hammer sound effect from Jack Webb's Mark VII Limited's production logo is absent.
    • The Ghost Planet Industries building with a smoke can be also seen on the SGC2C episode "Surprise" where Space Ghost visits to the mail room.
  • This is the only time when Aqua Teen Hunger Force has a TV special.
  • Most of the main characters' voices have similarities to the ones from the animated Adult Swim shows.
    • Darla's voice is similar to Bitch Pudding from Robot Chicken.
      • Also, she's reusing Bitch Pudding's quotes from every Robot Chicken episode like "BLAM!", "See you in hell!", "Shithead!", "What's up, hoes?", "Mmm... that's not what I heard.", "Hmm. Who else? Who else?", "Nothing.", "Ew, that's gross.", "You crazy, girl.", "Me too, pussy!", "Let's party!", a laughter sound, "Uh-oh." and of course "Duh-duh-duh-DUUUUH!".
    • Frieda's voice is similar to Quinn Ergon from Final Space.
      • Interestingly, Frieda's face looks almost similar to Quinn's face.
    • Minnie's voice is similar to the Gummy Bear from Robot Chicken.
  • The Aqua Teens do not appear in this special, however, they briefly appear on the TV screen at the beginning, Minnie mentions the Aqua Teens and Carl mention that Darla reminds her of Shake.
  • Also, the supporting and recurring characters from ATHF do not appear in this special.
  • The animated backgrounds of the special were look different and more colorful than the Aqua Teen series.
  • Similar to the ATHF episode "Last Last One Forever and Ever", but the human counterparts are different personalities in this story, especially Minnie T. Wade.
    • Also, a play area location Dr. Weird's Castle from that episode is now in a style of other family entertainment centers, such as Chuck E. Cheese's, Dave & Buster's, etc.
    • Don Shake's first name and Darla Shake's first name are the same that starting with the letter "D".
  • The rooms from the Aqua Teen House were look the same, but they has a bathroom and Darla's room.
    • Plus, the bedrooms of Frieda and Minnie were the same as Frylock and Meatwad's rooms, but with some differences like:
      • Frieda's room: The removal of the "Visible Frylock" poster, a picture of Frylock with Dr. Weird and a diploma from Frylock's same room.
      • Minnie's room: Meatwad's same room with added a bed, a desktop computer, wardrobe, a bookshelf and other stuff, as well as the removal of the sand-filled closet, a heater bed and the scribble drawings at the wall.
  • Plus, the remodeled Aqua Teen House from the ATHF Forever episode "The Last One Forever and Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It)" is shown where the Aqua Girls lived, but the brick wall of the house is now brown (just like the original house) instead of yellow. Also, the house number "1171" is replaced by a different number "134".
  • This special is dedicated to the animator and voice actor C. Martin Croker, as a tribute message to him appears at the end of the special.

Easter eggs/cameos

  • At the beginning of the special, a clip of an ATHF episode was briefly seen on the television.
  • Frieda mentions Black DynamiteBlack Jesus and The Boondocks, the three shows that she loves.
  • A poster of Dr. Steve Brule from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and its spin-off Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule can be seen in Darla's room.
  • The portal gun from Rick and Morty can be seen in a trash can.
  • In one scene where Darla and Minnie entering Dr. Weird's Castle, Darla has a NTSF:SD:SUV:: backpack and Minnie has the Leptons backpack with a Baby Ball keychain.
  • When Frieda plays a video game, the gaming usernames of Daniel from Robot Chicken (entitled "GyroRobo"), Hannibal Buress from The Eric Andre Show (entitled "Hannibal1983") and Tammi from Squidbillies (entitled "JustTammi") were seen on her computer.
    • Although this, Green and Otto reprise their voice-acting roles from two of the animated AS shows, as well as Buress reprises his role as himself in The Eric Andre Show.
  • In the "sleeping" scene where Minnie is sleeping on the bed (but she sits on it and pulls her sweater up over her head), Dr. Rockso from Metalocalypse appears as a plush.
  • At Minnie's wardrobe, where we see one of the clothes from the Leptons from Ballmastrz: 9009, along with Summer's clothes from Rick and Morty.
  • When Minnie turns on the boombox for her exercise video, it plays the theme music from Brad Neely's Harg Nallin' Sclopio Peepio.
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