Aqua (Rosalina Carmichael) is a Justice League OC member.




Aqua is a very confusing person. She is mature when she needs to be but at times can be very immature. She hides her pain under a guise of confidence and urgency. She is very stubborn and she usually does things without thinking them through. That usually gets her into a trouble that her friends have to get her out of. She has a really nasty temper that also gets her into trouble.

She puts up walls in her heart to fend off people when she gets hurt. She is very skeptical of everyone and she doesn't let anyone but her close friends know about her powers or anything else about her.

Aqua's emotions sometimes get in the way of her better judgment, carrying her to do things that border stupidity. She tries to think before she speaks or acts, but sometimes she just dives in. She has major attittude and is always ready with a comeback.

However, despite being tough and stubborn, Aqua has a very good heart and is very loyal. She would do anything for her friends or family and has proven that over and over again. Aqua is a kind person and usually very quiet unless she is angry or excited. She is very mischievous and drags her friends along with her on all of her schemes.




Powers and Abilities

  • Water Manipulation
  • Tidal Wave Generation
  • Water Purification
  • Water Pressure Generation
  • Water Vortex Creation
  • Flood Creation
  • Ice Manipulation
  • Whirlpool Generation
  • Invincibility
  • Super-speed
  • Hydrokinetic Flight




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