The Apocaverse is a series of films revolving around the events of Aaron Apocalypse. The franchise is among one of the highest grossing cinematic universes of all time.


#1: Aaron Apocalypse

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Blade-wielding psychopath Aaron is taken away to a city in the United Kingdom filled with danger known as Frith. He tries to defend the city with all his might, but every time he does so the city gets destroyed. He later befriends a girl named Anya and a guy named Ali, but can all three of them defend the perilous city that lies within them?

#2: Aaron Apocalypse: Town & Country


#3: The Towers of Storm

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A peaceful farmer named Blake gets stranded in a dangerous town with two mysterious towers. Only he can unlock the secrets of the towers.

#4: Aaron vs. Blake





#1: Aaron Apocalypse: The Anime

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Aaron, a skilled warrior, runs away from his home to defend Frith from Evil X and Evil Y with Ali and Anya.

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