Ants is a TV series that takes place in a world populated by anthropomorphic bugs and arachnids. The main protagonists are a group of ants who fight against an evil empire of red ants.



  • Will Friedle as Kai
  • John DiMaggio as Io
  • Grey DeLisle as Shi


  • Jason Isaacs as Ro


Season One

  1. "The Ant Farm Part I"- Kai's home is attacked by General Ro.
  2. "The Ant Farm Part II"- Kai escapes his home.
  3. "Surviving"- Kai tries to survive while being hunted by a group of red ants.
  4. "Io"- Kai meets a strange ant named Io.
  5. "The Stranger in the Night"- Io and Kai decide to investigate a strange woman who saves their lives from red ants.
  6. "Assassin"- Ro hires a spider assassin named Spiro to hunt down the team.
  7. "The Ant Hunter"- Kai, Io and Shi are hunted by three antlions  named Stick, Stone and Bones.
  8. "Mortimus"- The team decide to help a village of ants who are being terrorised by a mantis named Mortimus.
  9. "A Story of Two Sides"- Kai and Ro finally meet face to face.
  10. "Spyder, Spyder"- Spiro returns for his revenge.
  11. "May The Best Man Win"- The team are forced to participate in an underground fighting ring.
  12. "City in the Sky Part I"- The team find a city in the sky full of flying ants.
  13. "City in the Sky Part II"- Kai, Io and Shi are forced to protect the city from invading red ants.
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