Iron Man
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Full name Anthony Edward Stark
Other names Tony, Tone, Man of Iron (by Thor), Bucket Head, Armored Avenger, Mister Stark
Birthday October 4th 1988
Occupation Superhero, Philanthropist, CEO of Stark Industries
Alignment Good
Relatives Howard Anthony Stark (father, deceased), Maria Stark (mother, deceased)
Powers and abilities
Quote I'm a genius. Geniuses are never wrong. Except when they are, but don't pay attention to that.


Early Life

Tony is extremely intelligent. He always has been, as he became a member of Mensa at the age of ten. He grew more and more intelligent as the years went on, making his father and mother proud of him. Stark was in college by the time he was thirteen and graduated at fifteen. His fast graduation made Stark famous, and he became one of the most respected people on the planet. However, Stark's life took a turn for the worse when his mother and father died in a car crash. Tony was grief-stricken, but managed to push through it all and announced to the public he would he taking over his father's company Stark Industries.

Project Forged & Kidnapping


Becoming Iron Man


Powers & Abilities


  • Super Genius Intelligence: Tony has an IQ of 240, making him smarter than Einstein.
    • Master Engineer
    • Expert Businessman
    • Skilled Hand to Hand Combatant
    • Indomitable Will


  • Heart Condition: Stark had large peaces of shrapnel lodged in his chest during an attack from a group of terrorists. Stark attempted to remove the shrapnel but every time he tried it moved closer to his heart, but if he didn't try it would still move closer. Because of this, Stark created a, for lack of a better term, mechanical heart he shoved in to his chest. It is the only thing keeping Stark alive, as once he shoved it in his old heart stopped pumping. Now Stark must charge his mechanical heart every day for at least half an hour, but if he charges it for too long there is a high possibility it could get overcharged and stop working.


Iron Man Armor

Stark's armor is the thing he's named after. Though ironically it isn't made out of only iron. It is actually an iron/titanium hybrid. The abilities that come with the suit include:

  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Flight

Though the suit's biggest draw back is the fact it must constantly be charged and if Stark uses too much of the suit's energy it could shut down to self-charge with Stark inside. The suit also has the ability to fire repulsor rays out of its hands and chest, though the chest ray takes up much more charge than the hands, as the chest blast is much more powerful and in some cases can even be deadly.

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