The LAF Comic I got the Pizza Restaurant Idea from

Idea on how I got the name

When I was reading a comic strip from Playboy's Little Annie Fanny, I got this idea for few reasons:

  • The 'rumble' effect when young Annie feels a weird thing about her body.
  • SPROING: When I saw the words "SPROING", it made me think of the Pepperoni springs off the Pizza. Annie's reaction to this evet made me think about her eating pizza.
  • Miss Piggy: She appeared in several Pizza Hut Commercials.

Employees and their Tasks

  • Employee 1- Makes the Pizza (Waiter 1)
  • Employee 2- Owner of the Restaurant
  • Employee 3- Fills the Customer's Cups with Soda (Waiter 2)
  • Employee 4- Pizza Theater
  • Employee 5- Delivery Guy
  • Employee 6- Pasta Bowl (Waiter 3)
  • Employee 7- Cashier
  • Employee 8- Makes the Breadsticks (Waiter 4)
  • Employee 9- Cleans the Customer's Tables (Waiter 5)
  • Employee 10- Guy who appears on the commercials
  • Employee 11- Pizza Theater
  • Employee 12- The Boss
  • Employee 13- Waiter 6
  • Employee 14- Waiter 7


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