Annabelle Sullivan
Annabelle Sullivan in My Style.png
Voiced by: Isabella Acres
Brooklynn Prince (younger)
Occupation: Student
Family: Jack Sullivan (father)
Jeannie Sullivan (mother, deceased)†
Kyle Sullivan (brother)
Status: Alive
Alias: Princess Annabelle of Crossovia
Cause of Death:
Date of Birth: July 21, 2002
Abilities: Magic
Allies: Alex Shatrov
Theresa Rose
Alison Baker
Kyle Sullivan
Enemies: Serana
Likes: Cartoons
Her brother Kyle Sullivan
Dislikes: Serana
Her brother being taunted
First appearance: The Portal: Part 1
Latest appearance: TBA
No matter what happens, I'll always take a step forward.
~ Annabelle Sullivan on Save the Last Magical Chance

Annabelle "Anna" Sullivan is a 17-year-old girl who loves cartoons and the main female protagonist of Crossover Universe. She is voiced by Isabella Acres.


Anna is a 17-year-old girl with autism. She believed in magic and fairytales and she also loves cartoons from all over the Realms. She is also a trained apprentice that can use a spellbook so she can use her trained spell-casting skills. She was friends with Gumball Watterson, Steven Universe and any fictional character she meets.



Anna is a sweet, young girl who had autism. She's a bit cute and a little sarcastic sometimes. She was friends with her classmates at her current school, Strongfield High. But first, she was wealthy and self-trained. When she gets nervous, she runs away. Even thought she loves cartoons and hanging out with her friends.


She has blue eyes, blonde hair and pale skin. She wears a pink four-pointed star-shaped amulet necklace. She has a star-shaped tattoo on her left chest which is her birthmark. Her fashion motif was polka-dots, roses, diamonds, ribbons, etc.



  • Maya Hart - They are both troublemakers and have blonde hair.
  • Frankie Hathaway (The Haunted Hathaways) - They are both nerds and they can talk to ghosts.
  • Terra (Teen Titans) - They both have the same eye color and hair color and have superpowers.


Voice actor.png

She was voiced by Isabella Acres. In the younger version, She is voiced by Brooklynn Prince.

Powers & Abilities

* = notable

  • Magic* - She can use magical forces to varying degrees.
  • Shapeshifting - She can transform into an object, animal or person.
  • Invisibility - She can turn invisible and can be unseen.
  • Intangibility - She can pass through physical matter.
  • Elemental Intangibility - She can become an element to allow physical attacks to simply phase through her body.
  • Teleportation - She can teleport from place to place.
  • Superhuman Speed* - She can be the fastest and can run the fastest to make her opponents dizzy.
  • Astral Projection - She can separate her spirit from her body.
  • Telekinesis* - She moves objects, animals and people with her mind.
  • Electrokinesis* - She can zap her opponents with her lighting beams.
  • Divided Mind/Alter Ego/Dual Mind - She can possess two or more personas, each capable of separate powers, physical and mental attributes or skills.
  • Typhokinesis - She can manipulate and generate smoke.
  • Mediumship - She can perceive and communicate with spirits and those who are in the afterlife.
  • Regeneration - If she dies, she regenerates into a new body and face.



  • She is one of the most popular students of Strongfield High.
  • Her birthday was on July 21 and she was born on 2002.
  • She mostly like some teen sitcoms.
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