Anna Reed
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Disney's World Chargers
Video games
Books and Comics
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Anna Faith Carlson
Performance model
Inspiration Elsa the Snow Queen
Zero Suit Samus
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Elsa
Personality Sisterly, active, kind, polite, highly-educated, intelligent, witty, quirky, smiling, confident, outgoing, generous, athletic, cheerful, carefee, fun-loving, playful, gentle, graceful, hysterical, berserk, humble, imaginative, fashionable, dreamy, romantic, dancing, awkward, silly, giggly, hyperactive, brave, strong, freakish, remorseful, insecure, emotionally sensitive, selfless, independent
Appearance Slender, fair skin, blonde hair
Occupation Adventurer
Park guest
Alignment Good
Home Daytona Beach, Florida (formerly)
Orlando, Florida
Relatives Lexi Reed (sister)
Pets Unnamed dogs
Allies Mitchell Morris, Margie Cay, Kenneth Davis, Archie Leighford, Debbie Gardner, Gertrude, Anna Reed, various Disney characters including Anna and Elsa
Enemies Lucas Morris
Likes Frozen, shopping, fashion, burping, gymnastics, marathons, flowers, laughing, making funny faces, ice and snow, swimming, sandwiches, turkey legs, sweet foods including chocolate, tea, dancing, nature, goofing around, teasing Lucas
Dislikes Being rejected, losing her family and friends and money, failure, her belly getting tickled
Powers and abilities Burps
Muscular strength
Strong sense of humor
Quote "Let's/I wanna do it again! Again!"
"Again, again!"

Anna Reed is a main character as a member of Mitchell's adventure team in the first two seasons of the Disney Channel sitcom Disney's World Chargers. She will be portrayed by Anna Faith Carlson.


Anna is an adventurous, charming, highly educated girl from Dayon Beach, Florida.

She ironically enjoys pretending to be Elsa who has a sister of the same name which confuses guests thinking that the queen is real. With that said, she enjoys cold water including the moments she gets soaked in ice bucket challenges and gets surprised when she gets sprayed by the bench with water nozzles when she is about to kiss Matthew at Epcot.

She is well-cultured especially when she learns about Norway which she dreams about going to and America and says it in front of her friends which actually annoys them.


Disney's World Chargers

Anna is welcomed to Mitchell's adventure team, the World Chargers. She tends to help others during missions in the Disney attraction adventure spots but instead goofs off and messes up with the situations and says or does something silly especially when laughing hysterically without stopping.

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