Anita Coulter (born December 3, 1978) has been stealing the spotlight since the day she was born! A natural performer, she began to study drama at 15, beginning with performances in her local Community Theater (located in a tiny town in upstate New York).

Anita first discovered live, theatrical style puppetry during a weekend spent with the famed Bread & Puppet Theater and it soon became her passion.

Since moving to the Bay Area in 1993, Anita has been tirelessly developing her puppetry skills. She has studied puppet script development with Muppet Head Writer, Jerry Juhl (because every show sinks or swims on its script) and has developed a near obsession with flawless puppet lip-synch. She has also been extremely active in the San Francisco Bay Area Puppeteers Guild, one of the largest Guilds of it's kind in the country and has served on its board of directors for the last five years.

Anita has successfully toured the Bay Area with her own shows and workshops, specializing in instructing teachers how to use puppetry creatively in their classrooms. She is delighted for this opportunity to share her deep love of live puppet theater!

Puppets performed by Anita Coulter

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