Animation Throwdown: Cartoon Network Edition
Developer(s) Kongregate
Publisher(s) Cartoon Network Games
Released September 30, 2019
Genre(s) Digital collectible card game
Platform(s) Kindle, Fire Android, iOS
Animation Throwdown: Cartoon Network Edition is a free-to-play card game based on Animation Throwdown: The Quest For Cards. This game serves as a spin-off that focuses on characters and content from Cartoon Network, consisting of Adventure Time, Regular Show, Clarence, Craig of the Creek and Over the Garden Wall.


Its gameplay is similar to its predecessor, even with the player starting the game by picking one of five characters from each show; Eileen (Regular Show), Wirt (Over the Garden Wall), Sumo (Clarence), J.P. (Craig of the Creek) and BMO (Adventure Time).


Its release is coincided with the broadcast of "Clarence's Universe", an episode of the revival series of Clarence. Commercials of the game are seen during the episode's commercial breaks.

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