List of Characters from the series


  1. Angus: An African Cape Buffalo. He is strong and fierce.
  2. Alice: An African Wild Dog. She's smart and likes to go hyper.
  3. Ali: An Alligator. She's a tough gal at school.
  4. Al: An Anglerfish. He's the guy with a shine in his ideas.
  5. Alex: An Ankylosaurus. He loves playing baseball with his tail.
  6. Antie: An Anteater. She loves having ants for breakfast.
  7. Anna: An Arctic Fox. She likes to keep herself warm.
  8. Aaron: An Armadillo. He likes to roll around and have fun.
  9. Ben: A Badger. He likes to dig and look for food.
  10. Benji: A Barn Owl. He's always wise to the baby animals.
  11. Betty: A Bat. She's an expert flyer and loves to eat grubs.
  12. Benny: A Grizzly Bear. He loves honey and takes a bath every afternoon.
  13. Bill: A Beaver. He likes to build homes for new animals.
  14. Bessie: A Bee. She is friendly among the other bees in her hive and loves to be friendly around Benny.
  15. Bella: A Betta Fish. She is famous and bright.
  16. Brian: A Bighorn Sheep. He is tough and lends a hand at tough stuff.
  17. Bobby: A Bison. He is a coach for the stadium.
  18. Blue: A Blue Jay. He is shy and gets along with other birds.
  19. Barnaby: A Blue Whale. He is big and loves to splash around.
  20. Barney: A Boar. He is Ali's friend and also a bully.
  21. Barbara: A Bobcat. She runs the spa and loves being pampered.
  22. Barry: A Brachiosaurus. He loves having small animals around his neck.
  23. Buddy: A Budgie. He loves being loved by all his friends.
  24. Balthazer: A Bull. He's a fan of football and is tough.
  25. Baby: A Butterfly. She was originally a caterpillar until she turned into a butterfly.
  26. Clark: A Camel. He loves to give out free water.
  27. Cappy: A Capybara. She loves swimming in the water at the school's pool.
  28. Carlos: A Caracal. He loves causing trouble.
  29. Claudio: A Cardinal. He is Blue's friend.
  30. Cathy: A Maine Coon Cat. She is a member of the Cat Squad.
  31. Claire: A Persian Cat. She is the leader of the Cat Squad.
  32. Cheeky: A Tabby Cat. He is a member of the Cat Squad.
  33. Colada: A Chameleon. He loves to change color.
  34. Chico: A Cheetah. He loves to be fast in the running events.
  35. Catherine: A She-Cheetah. She is Chico's sister.
  36. Chirp: A Chickadee. She has a crush on Blue.
  37. Charlie: A Chimpanzee: He loves playing pranks along with Carlos and the others.
  38. Chica: A Chinchilla. She is very shy and is quiet.
  39. Cyril: A Chipmunk. He loves to sort out his things.
  40. Clyde: A Clouded Leopard. He is a popular marble player.
  41. Cairo: A Clownfish. He loves to do tricks.
  42. Cali: A Cockatiel. She loves to sing whenever she's doing chores.
  43. Copper: A Cougar: He is always getting grumpy.
  44. Cadence: A Cow. She loves to give out milk and runs a milk shop.
  45. Calhoun: A Coyote. He is Anna's rival and loves to hang out at the spa.
  46. Calvin: A Crocodile: He has a big appetite for food.
  47. Daisy: A White Tailed Deer. She loves flowers and has a garden shop.
  48. Dudley: A Dilophosaurus.
  49. Dean: A Dodo. He's not smart but is always fun.
  50. Doozer: A Border Collie. He is a great leader of the Dog Patrol.
  51. Dermot: A Bulldog. He is a member of the Dog Patrol.
  52. Doris: A Chihuahua. He runs the food shop with vending machines.
  53. David: A Dachshund. He is a great roller skater.
  54. Dory: A Doberman Pinscher. She is a member of the Dog Patrol.
  55. Diesel: A German Shepard. He is a police officer and works at the police office.
  56. Darcie: A Husky. She works at the ski resort.
  57. Donald: A Labrador Retriever. He is a lifeguard at the beach.
  58. Dick: A Pit Bull. He is a boxing champ.
  59. Dorothy: A Poodle. She runs the hair salon.
  60. Doug: A Pug. He is a shopkeeper of the trinkets shop.
  61. Dayne: A Puppy. He is the best of Katie.
  62. Dagget: A Rottweiler. He is a bully at the school.
  63. Dipper: A St. Bernard. He likes to save people in the snow.
  64. Dipsy: A Yorkshire Terrier. He is a great dancer and loves hot dogs.
  65. Dalise: A Dolphin. She is called the Queen of the Sea.
  66. Dan: A Donkey. He runs the joke shack.
  67. Dana: A Dove. She brings joy and hope to the sick animals at the hospital.
  68. Drake: A Dragon. He loves to fly around town and is proud.
  69. Daniel: A Dragonfly. He runs a flying and driving school.
  70. Derpy: A Duck. He loves to go bonkers over everything.
  71. Elliot: A Bald Eagle. He is a master flyer.
  72. Ella: An Elephant. She runs a candy shop and makes candy by using her trunk.
  73. Edith: An Elk. She likes to cause trouble and loves to throw banana peels on the floor.
  74. Freddie: A Falcon. He's Blue's rival and loves to swim.
  75. Fa: A Fennec Fox. She loves marshmallow pizza and chocolate dipped marshmallows.
  76. Finley: A Ferret. He is known to tell funny jokes doing the day.
  77. Farly: A Guppy Fish. He loves swimming in his tank with his friends.
  78. Felix: A Flamingo. He is a scaredy cat and is in fear of water.
  79. Fido: A Fly. He flies around town telling the news scoops.
  80. Ferb: A Red Fox. He is a gamer and plays video games.
  81. Forrest: A Frilled Neck Lizard. He gets angry when his frills show up.
  82. Fran: A Frog. She loves splashing in the pool.
  83. Ganette: A Gazelle. She likes to run in the gym.
  84. Gaz: A Leopard Gecko. He likes cookies and other sweet things.
  85. Gladys: A Giraffe. She runs a herb store.
  86. Gredor: A Goat. He is smart and likes to eat anything.
  87. Goldie: A Goldfinch. She is a cheerleader.
  88. Gavin: A Goldfish. He likes to swim in his fishbowl home.
  89. Gus: A Gorilla. He likes working out in the gym.
  90. Gerald: A Griffin. He is Drake's best friend.
  91. George: A Guinea Pig. He is not smart but likes to take naps.
  92. Harris: A Hammerhead Shark. He likes to brush his teeth.
  93. Hallie: A Hamster. She is George's girlfriend.
  94. Harvey: A Hare. He likes to get everyone's attention.
  95. Hari: A Harris Hawk. He is a great swooper.
  96. Hermen: A Hermit Crab. He likes to change his shells everyday.
  97. Harry: A Hippopotamus. He loves sunbathing at the beach or in the pool.
  98. Holly: A Holland Lop Bunny. She loves reading books.
  99. Hazel: A Horse. She is the oldest sister of the triplets.
  100. Harriet: A Horse. She is the middle sister of the triplets.
  101. Hattie: A Horse. She is the youngest sister of the triplets.
  102. Hayley: A Hummingbird. She likes to drink from flowers and gets hiccups.
  103. Hector: A Hyena. He is a comedian and has his own joke shack.
  104. Iggy: An Iguana. He likes to hang out with other lizards.
  105. Iris: An Indominus Rex. She is the daughter of her deceased mother.
  106. Kassie: A Kangaroo. She is a plush kangaroo that acts as her baby,
  107. Khris: A Killer Whale. He loves swimming and surfing.
  108. Kit: A Kitten.
  109. Kip: A Koala.
  110. Koshi: A Koi Fish.
  111. Kyle: A Komodo Dragon.
  112. Lady: A Ladybug.
  113. Lenny: A Lemur.
  114. Leon: A Leopard.
  115. Leo: A Lion.
  116. Leona: A Lioness.
  117. Lizzy: A Lizard.
  118. Leslie: A Llama.
  119. Lemmy: A Lovebird.
  120. Mac: A Macaw.
  121. Manny: A Mammoth.
  122. Melody: A Manatee.
  123. Mara: A Meerkat.
  124. Mike: A Monkey.
  125. Mel: A Moose.
  126. Millie: A Mouse.
  127. Nelson: A Narwhal.
  128. Neil: A Neon Tetra.
  129. Otto: An Ocelot.
  130. Olive: An Okapi.
  131. Olaf: An Opossum.
  132. Oscar: An Orangutan.
  133. Oona: An Ostrich.
  134. Ollie: An Otter.
  135. Otus: A Great-Horned Owl.
  136. Pandy: A Panda.
  137. Penny: A Pangolin.
  138. Peter: A Pelican.
  139. Pete: A Penguin.
  140. Phyllis: A Phoenix.
  141. Pickle: A Pig.
  142. Pierre: A Pigeon.
  143. Patrick: A Platypus.
  144. Priscilla: A Polar Bear.
  145. Pat: A Praying Mantis.
  146. Perry: A Pterandon.
  147. Phil: A Puffin.
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