List of characters from the series.

Main Characters

  1. Ernest: An African Elephant. He loves using his trunk as an arm.
  2. Leopold: An African Leopard. He is a very smart runner and has a crush on Suzie Serval.
  3. Leon: An African Lion. He is the prince and likes to rule Animal Village.
  4. Agnes: An American Alligator. She is a master of fishing.
  5. Barric: An American Bison. He acts as the boss of Animal Village.
  6. Tanya: A Baird's Tapir. She is always shy.
  7. Brandon: A Bald Eagle. He is always on patrol.
  8. Ben: A Bengal Tiger. He is Suzie's rival and is always being sneaky.
  9. Maya: A Blue and Gold Macaw. She's the gal with all the trends.
  10. Bale: A Blue Jay. He is Bane's partner.
  11. Bane: A Blue Wildebeest. He is Bale's partner.
  12. Otis: A Bornean Orangutan. He is very wise and lives in a grassy hut.
  13. Pete: A Brown Pelican. He is very clumsy at flying.
  14. Sochi: A Brown Throated Sloth. He speaks slowly and lives all by himself.
  15. Sally: A California Sea Lion. She is a great thinker and is always getting new ideas.
  16. Guston: A Canada Goose. He loves telling everyone the funniest stories.
  17. Buff: A Cape Buffalo. He is a coach.
  18. Cappy: A Capybara. She likes making pretty flowers.
  19. Cheater: A Carrion Crow. He is a thief who steals seeds.
  20. Chester: A Cheetah. He is a very fast runner and is always working out.
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