See also the associated category: Animal Species.This page lists all animal species encountered in the Alabasta Episode.

Grand Line

Island Whales

Just after the Straw hats entered the Grand Line, they met a gigantic whale called Laboon. After the time skip, they entered the second half of the Grand Line, and watched a gam of Laboon's kin.

Royal Squid

Royal Squid (大王イカ Daiō Ika?Neptunian Squid in the Viz Manga and Great King Squid in the FUNimation dub) is a giant cephalopod that attacks any ship who travels the Grand Line. It tried to attack the Straw Hat Pirates, but was killed by Crocus. In real life, the giant squid's main predator is the sperm whale, and since it was found within Laboon's stomach, it can be inferred to be true in One Piece as well. It first appeared in Chapter 102 and Episode 62.

Kappa Whale

The Kappa Whale is a whale that resembles the legendary Japanese monster Kappa. It was seen traveling at sea while Smoker and Tashigi were on their way to Alabasta. It first appeared in Chapter 128 and Episode 79.

Little Garden

Several types of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures exist on Little Garden. They first appeared in Chapter 115 and Episode 70. Those revealed include:

Dinosaurs (and other Prehistoric Animals and Creatures)

  • Loch Ness Monster (The Simpsons) (ate Spike and was killed by Rarity).
  • Spinosaurus (Tom and Jerry Tales) (bit Spike and was killed by him, another killed by Starbrust).
  • Dragon Drizelda (killed by Rarity who guessed three sword style beats two horn style).
  • Polar Bear (Northern Light Fish Fight) (Marble Pie uses her paint to allow Mr. 5, Miss cheerilee, and herself to escape is killed is him).
  • Purple Dragon (Tom and Jerry Tales) (killed by over the Going Sweetie Belle and Pinkie Pie).
  • Polar Bear (Polar Peril) (a fight and killed by Sapphire Shores in a stream who called it a "white ice bear", a "carnivores that looks like a ursa" in the FUNimation dub.)
  • Bear (Tom and Jerry Tales) (killed by Double Diamond and Cheerilee is fights).
  • Acrocanthosaurus (bit Suri Polomare and was fight is him, another killed by Suri Polomare).
  • Giant Spiders, Vampiric Jackalope and Chupacabra (bit Fluttershy and was fight and killed is him, another killed by Fluttershy and Maud Pie).
  • Piranha (Tom and Jerry Tales) (bit fight and killed by Spike is him another killed by Spike the Dragon).
  • Squirrel (Tom and Jerry Tales) (bit killed Spike he is him bush, is get angry is killed by Spike).
  • Garahop (bit Cheese Sandwich and Wild Boar and was killed by him another killed by Sunset Shimmer and Sunburst and Trixie).
  • Moose (bit Limestone Pie and was killed by him, another killed by Limestone Pie).


  • Ngandong Tiger (Limestone Pie rides one through the jungle after beating it up is killed by him, the another killed by Limestone Pie).


  • The Giant Goldfish is a species of fish first killed by Spike in one of his lies. A giant one known as Island Eater later appeared at the end of the Little Garden Arc. Little is known about the regular specimens.

Giant Dolphin

The Giant Dolphin (巨大イルカ Kyodai Iruka?) is a dolphin that is hundreds of times its normal size. They existed since the dawn of time. One of them is seen near Little Garden. Another one can be seen during one of the opening themes in the ponies. is killed him, the another killed Pinkie It first appeared in Episode 70.

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