Animal Road Trip is the 2013 American hand-drawn animated musical comedy film directed and produced by Kelly Asbury.

This is the StudioCanal's first theatrical animated film.

Film Summary

When the circus animals Mr. Bear, Dodger, Scuttley, Mavis and the Hamsters are becomes tired from his job at the show, they decides escapes from the circus and embarks on the musical journey. During the trip, they are accidentally thrown into the train and traveled into Russia, Moscow.


A traveling circus, Circus Sarago, working the group of animals: Mr. Bear (John Goodman), Dodger Rhino (Steve Buscemi), Weasel (Ashton Kutcher) and Mavis (Whoopi Goldberg), and the hamsters (Jon Stewart, Amy Poehler, Jack Black and Frank Welker) as the slaves for his job. That one day, Mr. Bear and the animal friends becomes tired from job at the show. So they decides escapes from the circus. Upon Hamster Leader's plans, Mr. Bear and his gang escape from the circus. During the trip, they are accidentally thrown into the train and traveled into Las Vegas.

Three days later, after Mr. Bear does a performance on Las Vegas, he is approached by the pandas Mutt (voiced by Joshua Jackson) and Trousdale (voiced by Michael Rosenbaum), Mr. Bear' bullies since childhood. Mutt challenges Mr. Bear to go to Russia that night; he accepts, but Mr. Bear and his friends are thrown into the train and traveled to Russia, Moscow. The following day, Tucker (voiced by Dustin Hoffman), having secretly adopted Mr. Bear, approaches and feeds him. Mr. Bear begins a new life in Russia when he meets a polar bear named Rusie (Demi Moore) and develops a crush on her after escaping from the circus to sabotage Hamster Leader's plans. The plan works, and the hamsters rides Mr. Bear to the mountain. There, Mr. Bear is antagonized by his bully, Simon (Wallace Shawn), for bringing Mr. Bear to the challenge, while Stripes meets a pair of horsefly brothers, Buzz and Scuzz (voiced by Steve Harvey and David Spade).

They are approached by Woodzie (M. Emmet Walsh), a bear cub and old friend of Mr. Bear, who encourages Simon to sign her and Stripes up for a tryout race tomorrow. She does, despite Hamster Leader's disapproval, but Mr. Bear has major meltdown after being easily angered by Simon. Once he was calmed down he began running, but then gets hit in the face by the big snowball while during the chase, causing Simon becomes angry. Though Mr. Bear is uninjured, Simon and Mr. Bear get into the big fight. Then, Dalrymple sarcastically signs Mr. Bear up to compete in the Salmon Eating competition. Meanwhile, Mr. Bear realizes he escapes from the circus after being told off by Pride's father, Sir Trenton (voiced by Fred Dalton Thompson), which severely discourages him. Despite Simon's pleas, Nolan refuses to let her race with Mr. Bear. Realizing this, Hamster Leader alerting the wolves to show him a table holding his past accomplishments and he changes his mind. Meanwhile, Franny (voiced by Whoopi Goldberg) reveals to Mr. Bear that Tucker helped Nolan train the racehorse champions including Sir Trenton without getting any thanks, which encourages him to begin training.

As night approaches, during the snowstorm, Hamster Leader feels betrayed by his brothers and runs away from the house. Mr. Bear picks up the newspaper and finds out New York thinks they're kidnappers of the hamsters. Mr. Bear's friends wants to return to the circus, but Mr. Bear disagree. Mr. Bear changes his mind the next morning but before they leave for the home, The Ringmaster shows up in a helicopter. After the Hamster Leader throws the Ringmaster into a rain barrel, Mr. Bear scares the pilot into throwing him inside a salmon barrel. The salmon then lands on his butt. While they are thus distracted, Mr. Bear and company escape using a hollowed out school bus and finally make their way to the park where Tango and Layla are happy to see her. The clowns shows up and arrests Mr. Bear and captures the hamsters. They enter the train to ride back to the city, but after Mr. Bear and his company defeats the clowns, Simon attacks Mr. Bear and gets into a big fight. They make it back to the circus and everything is fine, except that Simon and his bear henchmen has followed them once again. Mr. Bear subdues him and throws him out of the train, sending Simon falling to his death into a frozen lake below.

Mr. Bear and his friends arrives in the woods after they watch them give his report to the Board of Directors. He is initially flustered because the past week's adventures prevented him from preparing his presentation. Once Mr. Bear comes in the tree, Mr. Bear improvises a speech saying that friends are more important than work and gives several salmon to the forest animals. Mr. Bear meets Simon's henchmen are welcomed after Simon's death.

Afterwards, Mr. Bear and his friends celebrate the animals' escape.




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Musical numbers

  • "On the Open Road" - David Odgen Stiers, Steve Buscemi, Ashton Kutcher, Amy Poehler, Jeff Bennett
  • "All Beared Up" - David Odgen Stiers and Chorus 


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