Characters from Animal Rescuers.

Main Characters

The Main Rescuers.

#0 Slither

Slither is a male rattlesnake snake with fangs. He is shy but can overcome his fears.

#1 Darly

Darly is a female teenage deer and is the leader of The Animal Rescuers. She acts like an adult and has a young little brother named Conner.

#2 Cluck

Cluck is a adult rooster who is Scrubber's best friend. He wakes his friends up like an alarm clock.

#3 Sasha

Sasha is a cotton tailed rabbit and loves to eat cabbage. She loves to put it in colorful syrup to make it more tasty.

#4 Pookie

Pookie is a gerbil who is the youngest. She has the abillty to carry large things.

#5 Digs

Digs is an armadillo teenager and has the abillty to dig. He collects jewels and gems for his grandmother's museum.

#6 Scrubber

Scrubber is a possum who carries around a large toothbrush. He works as a dentist and uses his toothbrush to brush people's teeth, Clean cars, houses and even clean the animals at a zoo.

#7 Sakura

Sakura is a red panda who lives in China. She always carry around a battle stick to do pole vault.

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