This is a list of episodes for the fourth season of the American-Canadian CGI television series, Animal Mechanicals. All of the episodes last about 11-minutes (except A New Animal Mechanical and Animal Mechanicals' First Mission, which last about 22-minutes each). Most of the episodes are rated TV-Y, while some episodes has either a TV-Y7 rating or a TV-Y7-FV rating.

Season 4 episodes

  1. A New Animal Mechanical - In the 22-minute Season 4 opening, a new Animal Mechanical named Panda joins in while the five original Animal Mechanicals are visiting their mechana friends, which causes Unicorn to develop a crush on him while Komodo becomes jealous of Panda. But they soon help their other mechana friends when they get into trouble. (TV-Y7)
  2. Cooking Ferret Island - The Animal Mechanicals, now including Panda, go to Cooking Ferret Island and help a Cooking Ferret who has mysteriously stopped cooking Mechana-Food.
  3. Hopping Penguin Island - TBC...
  4. Bunny Zoomer Madness - TBC...
  5. Mechana-Invention Island - When a Mechana-Invention shuts down at Mechana-Invention Island, the Animal Mechanicals go there and searches for the cause of it, not knowing that the other Mechana-Inventions all do things to them while they're here as well. (TV-Y7)
  6. Return to Mechana-Pinball Island - The Animal Mechanicals come back to Mechana-Pinball Island to help the Pinballs play their game again. However, something's different about the island since they've last been there, and Panda has no experience helping the Pinballs play their game before, but why?
  7. Mechana-Playground Island - The Animal Mechanicals go to Mechana-Playground Island to see what is wrong with the Mechana-Playground Workers. They've been not working on the playground and instead playing... But why?
  8. Mechana-Wolf Mayhem - When there's chaos at Mechana-Wolf Island, the Animal Mechanicals go to the island to see why the Mechana-Wolves keep howling.
  9. The Great Mechana-Dragon Quest - TBC... (TV-Y7-FV)
  10. Mechana-Dolphin Island - The Animal Mechanicals go to Mechana-Dolphin Island to help some Mechana dolphins who have mysteriously forgotten how to do their tricks.
  11. Mouse's Mechana-Stage Fright - It's a very special day for the Animal Mechanicals, because they've been selected to be part of the Mechana-Singing competition. However, Mouse isn't confident to be part of it because she has severe Mechana-Stage fright. (TV-Y7)
  12. Dino-Dangling Island - TBC...
  13. Mechana-Shadow Island - TBC...
  14. Mechana-Movie Making Wonders - TBC... (TV-Y7-FV)
  15. Mechana-Deer Island - TBC...
  16. Animal Mechanicals' First Mission - In this 22-minute special, the Animal Mechanicals take a trip to Mechana-Memory Island to find out how the original 5 members first met, what was their first mission as a team, and how they came to be the Animal Mechanicals. (TV-Y7)

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