Animal Mechanicals (Season 4) is the fourth season and a revival of Animal Mechanicals that takes the Animal Mechanicals on new adventures and surprising discoveries. This season introduces a sixth Animal Mechanical to the already existing team. However, unlike the first three seasons, two of the five orignal Animal Mechanicals have different voice actors (those being Unicorn and Sasquatch who are now voiced by Lisa Ortiz and Sam Smith respectively). Episodes of this season aired on Kids' CBC 2 (CBC) in Canada, with new episodes moving to Kids' WB and it's channel form in the U.S.




  • Rex
  • Unicorn
  • Komodo
  • Mouse
  • Sasquatch
  • Panda


Other Characters


Animal Mechanicals (Season 4)/List of Episodes


  • This is the first season to not only premiere on Kids' CBC 2 in Canada, but also to premiere on two different networks in the U.S. as well, being Kids' WB and it's channel form.
  • Unlike the first 3 seasons, where it has been rated C in Canada and rated TV-Y in the U.S. for all episodes of them, this season will have some episodes that are rated C8 in Canada and either rated TV-Y7 or rated TV-Y7-FV in the U.S..
    • Thus, this is the first season of Animal Mechanicals to not only have some episodes be targeted towards for older children, but also cover more mature themes, like relationships, fear, and courage. However, it's still mostly targeted towards young children for most of the episodes, and covers some basic themes, like math skills.
  • Although the team who animated the first three seasons, Halifax Film, is returning to animate the new season, this is the first season to be made under the DHX Studios Halifax banner.


  • Canada: C (most episodes); C8 (some episodes)
  • USA: TV-Y (most episodes); TV-Y7 (some episodes); TV-Y7-FV (some episodes)
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