Animal Force Pretty Cure
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Animal Force Pretty Cure is a Japanese anime series produced by Toei Animation as the ???? installment in Izumi Todo's Pretty Cure franchise.



Main Characters

  • TBA - She is fun and energetic, but loves taking naps from time to time and getting some much-needed sleep. She's very well-organized and likes to keep clean and have everything in its proper place. She is usually happy, but can be sad if she doesn't get enough attention. She likes her alone time, but is not afraid to be around others. She can also be shy, but when around others, especially her friends, she knows that she's free to be herself.
  • TBA - She is very fast, kind, and smart. She can be secretive and trustful. She isn't a fan of trouble, but instead likes living a comfortable life surrounded by her friends.
  • TBA - She is smart, strong, and courageous. She's very confident and likes being around people. She detests when someone irritates her, but she prefers to work out problems diplomatically.
  • TBA - She is loyal and helpful, with a sense of adventure. She is very brave and protective and has a large group of friends. She might seem tough at first, but she is a person who is a great friend to anyone.
  • TBA - She is gentle, unique, and shy. She loves simple pleasures and makes others happy when she can. Even though she's shy, she always tries her best to be social.
  • TBA - She is mostly gruff, but is bright and kind to others. She is always willing to do anything to protect those that matter to her. She is very strong and protective and won't let anything get in her way.



Supporting Characters

  • Earth Mother () -

Minor Characters


Japanese Cast

English Cast



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