Animal Farm is an upcoming 2020 computer-animated film from Walt Disney Pictures in Summer 2020 based on the book by George Orwell featuring the voices of Sasha Baron Cohen Maya Rudolph Harrison Ford Shirley Mclaine Jay Pharoah



Voice Cast

  • Harrison Ford as  Farmer Jones, of Manor Farm.
  • TBD as Jessie, a wise old border collie.
  • Sasha Baron Cohen as Napoleon, the leader of the pigs.
  • TBD as Squealer, the second-in-command pig.
  • Maya Rudolph  as Mollie, a mare
  • TBD as Snowball, a pig driven into exile by Napoleon.
  • TBD as Benjamin, an old donkey.
  • TBD as Boxer, a shire horse, who is made into glue.
  • TBD as Old Major, the former leader of the pigs.
  • Jay Pharaoh Moses, a raven
  • TBD as Mabel
  • TBD as Muriel, a goat who hates Napoleon.


In April 2006

DreamWorks Animation originally had the rights to develop a computer animated film adaptation of the children's book of the same name by George Orwell In June 2011, the project was eventually picked up by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.But later 2015 Disney picked up the rights to the film with John Lasseter writing the script

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