Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a new suggested Animal Crossing anime TV series based on the 2020 game of the same name which will air in both English and Japanese.


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Main characters


  • Mitchell (Ramon Evangelista) is the first human village to move to the Animal Island of the Northern Hemisphere. He loves to make friends with others and do favors for them even when he sometimes feels doesn't like it. Though he is a good sport in tournaments, he can get a little frustrated inside, even in private. Overall, he never rushes things.
  • Roald (Huck Milner) - a jock penguin who is one of Mitchell's best friends.
  • Bill (Ben Durocher) - a jock duck who is one of Mitchell's best friends who likes to play sports and work out with him and Roald.
  • Hamlet (Tara Strong) is a jock hamster who becomes best friends with Mitchell and acts like a son to him.
  • Dom (Rob Paulsen) is a jock sheep.
  • Rachel (Rachel Hirschfeld) is Mitchell's cheerful girlfriend.
  • Maple (Olivia Holt) is a bear cub who develops a crush on Mitchell.
  • Reneigh (Anika Noni Rose) is a horse villager who doesn't want anyone to make fun of her hair. She was first introduced in the actual game itself.
  • Tutu (Elisabeth Harnois) is a cheerful sweet polar bear who gets over-excited about trivial subjects.
  • Patty (Danielle Bisutti) is an intelligent, calm, yet peppy brown cow who loves to study and share topics regarding trivial subjects with Tutu and make pastries for her friends.

Special characters

  • Tom Nook (Lewis Black) is a raccoon and the store owner who changes from Nook's Cranny to the Nookingtons when he earns a lot of money from the customers.
  • Orville (Martin T. Sherman) is a dodo who is in charge of the Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway Package.
  • Wilbur (Kerry Shale) is Orville's brother who takes villagers on tours in his seaplane.
  • Blathers (Craig Ferguson) - an owl who runs the museum and defines each of the exhibits.
  • K.K. Slider (David Archuleta)
  • Isabelle (Alyson Stoner) is a clumsy, scatterbrained but respectful and helpful yellow dog who works in Nook Inc. She gets to work with Tom Nook when Mitchell opens the town hall and change everything else a little bit.

Reccuring characters


  • Jay (Jay Limcangco) is a jock blue bird who can make drawings and make tongue twisters about them. He is a good friend of Mitchell.
  • Teddy (Eric Stuart) is a jock bear who can be sometimes difficult to socialize with but is a good friend to Mitchell and the other villagers.
  • Tangy (Emma Kantz)
  • Tiffany (Ashley Johnson)
  • Paula (Paula Abdul) is a sisterly bear.
  • Pinky (Pinky Amador) - a peppy panda who loves to do hula dancing even to K.K.'s music but easily gets upset and frustrated when things go wrong.
  • Muffy (Melissa Altro)
  • Francine (Jodie Resther)
  • Angus (Travis Willingham)
  • Wolfgang (Kirk Thornton)
  • Olivia (Olivia Rodrigo) is a cat.
  • Raymond (Raymond Ochoa) is an intelligent, eccentric, nerdy cat, predominantly wearing 3D glasses and a formal suit.
  • Goldie (TBA) is a normal, friendly dog.
  • Butch (Kirk Thornton)
  • Eunice (Jodi Benson) is a black sheep.

Special characters

  • Celeste (Sandy Fox)
  • Timmy and Tommy (Tara Charendoff and Nancy Cartwright) are Tom Nook's twin raccoon employees.
  • Mabel (TBA) is a cheerful blue hedgehog who helps Mitchell and the other villagers with fashion and designs.
  • Sable (TBA) is Mabel's introverted older sister who works on the sewing machine the whole day through.
  • Labelle (TBA) is a hedgehog who takes charge of the outfits.
  • C.J. (CJ Paglinawan) is a chipmunk who hosts the fishing tourney annually.
  • Flick (Dave Foley)
  • Harvey (TBA)


  • This series was supposed to be called Animal Crossing: The Greatest Adventures, but it was renamed to New Horizons which the anime is based on the recent game since some characters have retired and all the elements from the game such as the NookPhone and crafting are featured.
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