From the cast of Harry Potter, comes a boy when he starts talking to animals.


April 15, 2016


  • Peter Grant (Daniel Radcliffe) - the boy who can talk to animals
  • Joseph Ward (Rupert Grint) - Peter's best friend
  • Andre Kaye (Tom Felton) - Peter's rival and bully
  • Cleo Ward (Bonnie Wright) - Peter's love interest and Joseph's sister
  • Milo Grant (Richard Griffiths) - Peter's uncle and has the same tone as Vernon Dursley
  • Gertrude Grant (Fiona Shaw) - Peter's aunt and has the same tone as Petunia Dursley
  • Norman Grant (Harry Milling) - Peter's cousin and has the same tone as Dudley Dursley
  • Gordon Grant (Adrian Rawlins) - Peter's father
  • Helga Grant (Geraldine Somerville) - Peter's mother
  • James Bryce (Michael Gambon) - Peter's father's mentor to talk to animals
  • Mark Swagger (Ralph Fiennes) - the main antagonist, Peter's father's boss, whom he works for after he told him his father "left", He wants to transform all the world into animal people!



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