Angry Kid, also known as Stanners, is the titular main protagonist and antihero of the series. He is Dad's and Mom's son and eldest child, Lil' Sis' older brother, and Speccy's best friend.

He is a young, British, Cockney, idiotic, ugly, tall, embittered, immature, foul-mouthed, selfish, arrogant, bratty, stubborn, mean-spirited, relentless, heartless, 15-year-old (about) ginger teenager with a serious attitude problem.


Angry Kid is a 15-year-old snot-nosed Naughty troublemaker and reprobate with a runny nose, who is stuck at that awkward age between childhood and adolescence.

Angry Kid is often a real pain to Dad, Lil' Sis, Speccy, and other people.

Whenever Angry Kid swears, Dad often hits him in the face with his newspaper.

Angry Kid has curly, bright orange hair.

Angry Kid usually wears a blue parka jacket with a yellow jacket with a white suit (even over his pajamas), blue jeans, and red and white trainers.

Angry Kid usually rides his trusty hydro chopper down some streets.

Angry Kid can also be a bit violent at times.

Angry Kid usually teases Lil' Sis, however, she often gets back at him in the end.

His Dad got fed up with him and sent him to the Home; however, Angry Kid was able to come back off-screen. 

It's revealed that he was born before his parents got married and thus he is an illegitimate child. 

He is voiced by Darren Walsh.

  • Angry Kid is usually mean and rude to others (he is only nice and pleasant to Mum).
  • Although Angry Kid usually appears to be a little kid around 12 years old, he's actually a teenager.
  • Angry Kid is often a little clumsy at times.
  • "Angry Kid" is Angry Kid's actual name (like the initials, "AK," were printed on his spacesuit in a section from "Who Do I Think I Am?").
  • Angry Kid is also a Doctor Who fan (as he imitates the Daleks with Mum's vibrator in the episode "Buzz Off" and he has a Dalek poster in his room).
  • As revealed in "Who Do I Think I Am?", he writes right-handed.
  • Angry Kid has various alter-egos: Captain Buggernuts, the Masked Bum Cake Avenger in "Superhero" and Dick Spoonphil in "What Are You Like?".
  • In the Season 3 episode "Bumfluff" it reveals he is not 15 yet.
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