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Background information
Feature films Shark Tale

Shark Tale 2

Shark Tale 3

Shark Tale 4

A Shark Tale Christmas Reef-Tacular

Television programs Shark Tale the Series
Video games Shark Tale: The Game

Shark Tale 2: The Game

Shark Tale 3: The Game

Shark Tale 4: The Game

Books and Comics
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Renée Zellweger (movie series and television Christmas special)

Melissa Disney (video game series and 3D animated televsion series)

Performance model
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Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Sweet, kind, loving, serious, mature, honest, calm, passionate
Appearance Beautiful, slender angelfish with a light lavender face, a magenta scale tone, purple hair, light blue arm-fins and a magenta abdomen wearing a long blueish-violet skirt formed by her tail
Birthday June 14
Occupation Whale Wash receptionist, Oscar's romantic interest and later wife
Alignment Good to the soul spirit
Goal To be with Oscar, then to try to get Oscar to admit the truth (formerly)
Home Southside Reef
Relatives Oscar (her husband)

Felix (her 1st son)

Lucas (her 2nd son)

Dennis (her 3rd son)

Katherine (her daughter)

Jane, her grandmother (deceased, mentioned)

Pets None
Allies Lenny, Sykes, Ernie and Bernie, Don Lino, Luca, Don Feinberg, Knuckles, Crystal, Sheldon, Sheena, Lola (currently in the sequel series), Crazy Joe, Horace, Kevin and the Shorties
Enemies Grusella, Filgor, Milgor and Zilgor
Likes Kelpy Kremes and Oscar telling the truth
Dislikes Oscar fibbing in front of everybody in the entire reef
Powers and abilities
Fate Kisses Oscar and begins marrying him
Quote "Oh, I swear, sometimes, I wanna take your big, dumb, dummy head and just... (makes beating noises)" (from Shark Tale (2004))

Angie is Oscar's romantic interest in Shark Tale and later wife in Shark Tale 2, Shark Tale 3, Shark Tale 4, A Shark Tale Christmas Reef-Tacular and Shark Tale the Series. She's voiced by Renée Zellweger in the movie series and television Christmas special and voiced by Melissa Disney in the video game series and 3D animated television series.

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