Anger Management is an upcoming episode from The Loud House.


After the events of Brawl in the Family, Lynn Sr, Lincoln and Rita are having an argument because of the SFP (Sister Fighting Protocol). 


Once the sisters are finished fighting. Lynn Sr, Lincoln and Rita had a discussion about the SFP. And decided who should control it. Lori sneaks and peeks at the door hole and realized that her mom, her brother, and dad arguing with each other who should take over the SFP. So, Luna heard they have an argument. She was worried about them. So they have a plan to make a class called Anger Management. Meanwhile, Rita, Lynn Sr, and Lincoln have stopped fighting. They


Anger Management/Transcript


  • This is the second episode that gets a continuation after "Be Stella, My Heart".
  • During the fight scene, Lincoln, Rita, and Lynn Sr. has a black eye and their clothes has been teared.
  • This is the first time that Lincoln, Rita, and Lynn Sr. are fighting and arguing.
  • All the fights of Rita, Lincoln, and Lynn Sr. and the reasons why they fight:
    • Lynn Sr. and Rita: Breaking family pictures.
    • Lincoln and Lynn Sr.: Turn off the
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