Angelo Henderson is a character in Sausage Party: Dawn of the Humans and one of the main protagonists in Adventure of Darren and his Friends.


Angelo was born in May 5, 1996 at Madrid, Spain. But he raised in Italy, Angelo was moved to America when he was 3 years old. His parents are shown to see the bedroom which he is spend his new bedroom. Angelo

Physical appearance

Angelo wears a white shirt, a navy blue pants and brown shoes. But when he was working, he wears a lavender apron and hat.

In the movie

Sausage Party: Dawn of the Humans


Adventure of Darren and his Friends

Angelo first appears where he orders the mint ice cream to the little girl at the park. His phone suddenly started ringing. So, he took out his phone from his back, and answer. Darren talking about the new train station in New York City. Angelo loves to going trip to New York. He hangs up his phone and driving the ice cream truck, later


  • Angelo mentions his brother befriends with Howard since they were kids.
  • Despite being a tough guy, he is shown to be a gentleman when
  • He is similar to his older brother Druggie but except he is not doing drugs and hardworking
  • According to a book, Angelo is a
  • He is similar to his voice actor James Franco.
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