Preyas Angelo (プレデター エンジェル, Puredetā Enjeru?Predator Angel) and Preyas Diablo (プレデター 悪魔, Puredetā Akuma?Predator Devil)  are two-in-one Bakugan, with one half being Preyas Diablo, and the other half being Preyas Angelo.



Preyas Angelo/Diablo spawned from a Preyas egg which hatched into two brothers - one good and one evil. Angelo is kindhearted and shaped like an angel, with large powerful wings on its back and smaller wings on its forearms and legs. Diablo is a tough, devilish Bakugan with an appetite for fiery destruction. Diablo's horned head has fearsome fangs and its winged body is covered in spikes.


Preyas Angelo politely refers to Wade as “Young Master”. According to Angelo, he tires very quickly and requires constant breaks. He “gets every second Monday off” but “doesn't do windows”. Angelo supposedly has mixed Attributes, part Aquos part Haos. Diablo, on the other hand, is a tough smack-talking devil version with a hot temper to match. He has opposite Attributes being Aquos and Pyrus. Each switch places, regularly taking turns. While one side is active the other lies dormant and unaware of its surroundings.

  • Water Refrain
  • Aquos Quadruple Chain Attack - Blue Lagoon Force Gate Special
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