Template:TV-MA Android Sheep is an 2019 American fanmade animated adult action drama series based on the works of Phillp K. Dick this fanmade sci fi fiction steaming on Netfilx. from producer Highpows the first season steaming date in December 27 2019 known as (Phillp K Dick's Android Sheep) this show mixed up and crossover with electric dreams.


  • Set in year 2376 the Earth's radioactively polluted atmosphere leads the United Nations to encourage mass emigrations to off-world colonies to preserve humanity's genetic integrity. This comes with the incentive of free personal androids: robot servants identical to humans. The characters and text refer to these androids (or "andies") variously as "robots," "machines," and "programmed," but it is later made clear that they are constructed of organic materials so similar to a human's that only a tedious "bone marrow analysis" can independently prove the difference. To save time in identifying incognito androids, various polygraph-style tests have been devised with mixed-up with humanity. and the world revive of the sector and different world.


Doyle And Yokito

these characters from androids sheep.

  • Amsalley94 As Doyle Carter the bounty hunter , the person who gets resurrected many years ago. and his left arm become electric prosthesis arm.
  • Tigrus879 As Yokito Evans , he's is a former cop and partner finding crimes with Doyle.
  • Jimmy4164 As Bexter
  • Larry Hinson III As Natsuo Takashi he's an outworld samurai.
  • MarioLightFire As Evelyn Anderson
  • Weatherstarvideo4000 As Kyle Morgan The person who lives outworld and he's a hunter revenant.
  • Steven Nguyen As Herrick The Person who lives outworld of western zone and he's a cowboy hunter.


  • Androids Sheep is renewed season two is coming 2020 with new company Sony Pictures Animation produced entire the series. Like the first adult animated series "Agent King" and "The Boondocks" Rebooted. 
    Androids Sheep 2
  • This Show based on book(s) by Electric Shepherd Productions and the stories is different of other characters in the dadoes? series. the original concept it's about Rick the bounty hunter who tasked (I.E Killing) in Nexus-escape 6 model pods. and this show explained the show follows Doyle the new fan-made universe and may crossover with this comic and electric dreams.
    250px-DADoES Dust to Dust 1 cover

    DADOES? comic cover

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