Android All-Stars Free-For-All is a new fighting game for Android phones and tablets featuring 35 iconic characters in this 1-8 player action-packed game.


During the dawn of time, a battle between every mobile gaming characters collided into combat as they were seeking victory. The battle kept kept running for centuries as Android phones and tablets came into stores later throughout the years on shelves, making the products popular.

As time rolled on, a mysterious figure, who had been watching the characters fight, started up a tournament to see which one can stand up and claim a special reward: A wish. So as it started, over many of the challengers entered the tournament to claim what is needed in order to become stronger than before.


It is a similar to Super Smash Bros. and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as players can fight with over many characters. You can choose if you want to use HP or % to raise up the damage. Many unlockable surprises await during the battle.


The roster includes over 35 fighters, which some can also be unlocked.


  • Android Robot (Unlockable)

Angry Birds

  • Red Bird
  • King Pig (Unlockable)

Castle Doombad

  • Dr. Lord Evilstein

Clash of Clans

  • Barbarian

Cut The Rope

  • Om Nom

Cute Kill

  • Baby & Sis


  • Vanessa

Fruit Ninja

  • Sensei

Inotia 3

  • Lucio
  • Ameli

Summoner Wars

  • Artamiel

More Coming Soon....



  • Android Home Screen

Angry Birds

  • Theme 1-1

Candy Crush Saga

  • Dreamworld

Doodle Jump

  • Doodle Jump (Unlockable)

Fruit Ninja

  • Fruit Ninja Stage

More Coming Soon....

Assist Characters

  • Chuck "Yellow Bird" (Angry Birds)
  • Doodle Jump (Doodle Jump)
  • Flappy Bird (Flappy Bird)
  • Kiyan (Inotia 4)
  • Tom (My Talking Tom)

More Coming Soon...

P1 Modes

  • Story Mode
  • Arcade Mode
  • Mission Mode
  • Training Mode


  • Vs. Mode (Local)
  • Online Mode (Online)
  • Special Mode (Local/Online)


  • Stage Builder
  • Character Customization
  • Sound Test
  • Store (Purchase unlockable characters/stages/modes/concept art/movies/etc. here)
  • Credits
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