Andrew Jones is a Quaternary protagonist in Glimpse. He is a private detective who lives in New York before he visits France.

He is voiced by Alex Wyndham.


Andrew was born on June 4, 1902, in New York. He lives with his brother Nigel and parents. His father is also a detective while his mother is a housekeeper. When his parents are not around, he was planning to watch the movie with his brother Nigel. Few hour later, the movie finished as they got slept so quickly.

Physical Appearances

He has black hair, wears a brown trench coat under his white shirt and grey vest, black pants, and leather blue shoes. When he is at the party, he wears a black suit, gray tie, and black shoes. When he isn't working, Andrew wears a red shirt, olive green pants, sliver belt, and brown shoes.

Events of Glimpse



  • Andrew is based on Booker DeWitt from Bioshock Infinite, Sebastian Castellanos from The Evil Within, Soldier: 76 and McCree from Overwatch, Arthur Hastings from We Happy Few, Marty from Madagascar, and Bruce Wayne/Batman.
  • He enjoys drinking both wine and whiskey at the bar during the Disappearance of Unknown Person quest.
  • He is known for secrets from his journal about his mother being disappeared about four days.
  • According to the crew, Andrew has anger issues because of his cocky behavior.
  • Andrew is shown to yell at someone for being a laughingstock.
  • When he becomes a partner of Joseph Allard, Andrew thinks
  • When he was five years old, Andrew has toy rabbit named Mr. Rainbow because of the color of fur.
  • He is shown to listen to jazz music while at work and home.
  • From all characters,
  • Andrew is one of the characters who is tried to committed suicide, the others are Joseph Allard, Floria Collier, ???, ???, and ???.
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