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An Ordinary Life In Monstercrest: The Movie is an upcoming American computer-animated family comedy musical film based on the series of the same name directed by TBA and produced by TBA.


Niko, Floyd, and their friends go on a vacation to an island called Ha'ulunga for spring break.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

Major Cast

  • Marisha Ray as Meredith Blackbourne
  • Sandy Fox as Viktoria Blackborune
  • Kristen Bell as Beatrix Krueger
  • Maya Tuttle as Kate Krueger
  • Chantelle Anita as Regina Petronella
  • Chloe Taylor as Penelope Petronella
  • TBA as Audrey Creepscart
  • TBA as Fletcher Steinbeck
  • TBA as Nancy Steinbeck
  • TBA as Wayne Howlman
  • TBA as Selena Howlman
  • TBA as Joseph Van Bloodsing
  • TBA as Giovanni, Alonzo, and Luca