Mo Qingxian: Aw... Chris, I sense someone forgot to add me into this poster. Why did he forget to add me there? I'm a Vocaloid, he shouldn't forget me.

Chris: Yeah, so am I. Master CrossSCV should've thought more than twice before adding us both.

Qingxian: That's why Kimberly wanted all Vocaloids to get together. She has a superior mind that can sort everything so everyone else can see that references are well-used.

Chris: Like Vocaloid Ruby? She's made with the color red as her color.

Qingxian: Good example; I also remember V Flower. She was born female like most Vocaloids. It is a little agonizing not joining in the poster I've looked at. Longya Yuezheng needs me. I can't be left out.

Chris: You're right, Mo, I'll take you to him in that case. As for me, I'll be with Amy.

Qingxian: I can also say that the American Cutie who deems herself the Master of the Great Crossover has so many wishes and most of the ones she wished for have been already accomplished, but some are not quite yet. My Vsinger friends are still in what somebody likes to call Miku's full group... and my wish is to join them so I might have a chance to cover a song in English, like "Again" by Crusher-P, maybe.

Chris: My wish is similar to yours, but I already have some originals of my own the producers gave me when I met them.


  • Manual voice of Mo Qingxian by Ming Yue
  • V5 Chris voicebank

MMD settings

  • Mo Qingxian (model by Vsinger)
  • Chris (model)
  • Living room background
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