An American Tail is a 2024 musical adventure family comedy-drama film produced by Amblin Entertainment and directed by Jon Kasdan. It is based on the animated 1986 film of the same name by Don Bluth.


A mouse named Fievel gets separated from his parents on their way to America and has to find a way to search for his family while helping out with some new friends to get away with the cats from the American land.


  • Neel Sethi as Fievel Mousekewitz, a mouse who is the main protagonist
  • Jack Black as Tiger, a cat who is a vegetarian and is the main deuteragonist
  • Tara Strong as Yasha Mousekewitz, Fievel and Tanya's baby sister
  • Rodrigo Santoro as Warren T. Rat, a cat who disguises as a rat and is the main antagonist
  • Rosario Dawson as Gussie Mausheimer, a German-born mouse who is the richest of New York City
  • Kurt Russell as Honest John, an Irish-born mouse in New York City
  • Rose Byrne as Bridget, an attractive mouse with an Irish accent and Tony's girlfriend
  • Cheech Marin as Digit, Warren's cockroach accountant who is the secondary antagonist
  • Timothy Spall as Moe, a fat rat who runs the sweatshop by Warren
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