It has the same transcript as the fanfic, getting back on your feet, and no this is not stealing, I'm only seeing how this would go as a movie

It starts off with the Mousekewitz's dancing as a family but stopped when Papa wanted to talk to Fievel

Papa: Fievel, You know I lost my parents when I was a boy, I know what it's like to suddenly find yourself lost and alone, so if you want to talk about anything, you know I'm always here for you

Fievel: I know Papa

Papa: Get some sleep my son

Fievel changed into his PJs and got in bed with Tanya

Mama: Good night my darlings

Mama kissed Fievel and Tanya

Both: Good night Mama

Mama left the room and went down stairs with Papa

Tanya: Fievel

Fievel: Yes

Tanya: Did you really come up with the idea for the secret weapon

Fievel: I had an idea

Tanya: How did you come up with it

Fievel: Can I tell you later

Tanya: Oh sure

When Fievel went to sleep he had a bad nightmare

Fievel: Papa, help

Warren T Rat started at him

Fievel: What about my family

Warren: You don't need a family kid, you gotta job here

Fievel woke up from his nightmare, seeing Tanya next to him whispering in his ear

Tanya: It's okay, Fievel, It's okay, I'm here

Then a little while later, they woke up for breakfast

Mama: Morning darlings, you had a good night

Fievel had to lie his way out of the bad night he had

Fievel: Yes mama

After breakfast, the family had to help Papa (except Mama and Yasha of course)

Papa: So Fievel, would you help me sell the violins

Fievel: Yes sir

Papa: Would you like to come to Tanya, the more the marrier

Tanya: I would love to come

Mama: Afterwards, you can also help by hanging some of this landuary up

Tanya: Okay Mama

When the went out, Fievel had a request to do

Papa: Fievel, can you see how Tanya is doing

Fievel: But Papa, I would rather stay with you

Papa: Fievel, Tanya is over there, just go over there and see how the landuary is coming along, When you get back, I'll still be here

Fievel: Yes Papa

He went over to Tanya

Fievel: Tanya

???: Well, Well, Well, What do we have here fellas

Fievel turned around to see the bullies from the Orphan Alley

Sammy: I guess were not good enough for you

Roc: Yeah even when we gave you hay and made you a bed

Simon: And the next morning you disappear on us

Fievel: I found my family

Simon: How did you find your family, I spent years looking for them and nothing

Fievel: They were looking for me

Sammy: is that where you got this stupid hat from, a little welcome home present from mommy and daddy

Roc: How about a little game called monkey in the middle

The bullies started to toss Fievel's hat around and tears started to well up in his eyes but shortly turned angry, bit Roc's arm while Roc screamed in pain

Sammy: So you wanna play tough, huh? Let"s see how you tough you really are

Roc: He's mine

Sammy and Simon walked away

Roc: You're gonna regret the day you met me

???: Hey potato for brains!

They turn around to see, non other than Tony Toponi, Tony punched Roc in the face

Tony: This mouse is with me, I suggest you back off before you end up like your friend here!

Simon: We're not afraid of you!

Sammy: Yeah, bring it on!

Roc got back up

Sammy: See there's three of us and only two of you!

Tony smirked at the comment and also gave them a mischievous grin

Tony: Oh, you might want to rethink that!

A shadow appeared, It's Tiger

Tiger: Hi ya fellas

Roc: You're a-

Tiger: Cat!

The three ran away

Tiger: Gee what was that all about

Fievel: It was nothing

Tony: That was nothing?! Filly those guys were about to pounce on you! You should be more careful!

Fievel: I was being careful!

Tony looked at Fievel with a mix of surprise and confusion, Fievel had never been forceful with anyone

Tanya: Fievel are you okay?

Tony: He's fine, just had a little run in with some bullies, I think it was those punks from Orphan Alley

Tiger: Yeah, but we took care of em real good

Tony: Yeah, I don't think their gonna be bothering you again

Papa: Fievel, Tanya

Tiger: Is he really okay?

Tony: Tiger, I think our friend is pretty far from okay!

Then they see Tanya standing there as well, the two get nervous and argue

Tanya: It's okay, I'm worried about him to, he never wants to leave either Mama or Papa's side and he won't talk about anything that happened to him

Tony: He did go through a lot

Tanya: Like what?

Tony: I don't think that's our place to tell ya, but let's just say, it was a lot.

They walk to Fievel and Tanya's home

Papa: If i remember correctly, You are Tony and Tiger

Tony: Yep, you got it

Tiger: I'm Tiger

Papa: We should get going, we still many more spots to visit

To be continued

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