An American Tail: Fievel In The Jungle Book Is A Television Film.


Voice cast

Rob Paulsen as Skittles Bear

Sherman Howard as Chief McBrusque and Trophy

Jim Cummings as Hungry Wolf

Phillip Glasser as Fievel Mousekewitz

Russi Taylor as Box Bear

Greg Burson as Marshmallow Bear

John Kassir as Scuttlebutt and Bow-Tie Bear

Richard Karron as O'Bloat

John Goodman as Zippy and Lucky

Billy Crystal as Coat and Dinosaur

Phil Collins as Alphabet

Frank Welker as Bud, Drama and Bright

Susan Blu as Fievel's Sister


Fievel in the Jungle Book Theme

Looks Like You Got Me A Buddy

The Phony King of England

I Wanna Be Like You

Trust in Me

That's What What Friends Are For

Anywhere in Your Dreams

Home media releases

August 13, 1996 VHS

June 26, 2016 DVD

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