An American Tail: Fievel's Back! Is A 2017 Film.


Since After Events in The 4th 1908. Dulpo Aliens To Destroy The Town.

Fievel not Give Up. No one Save The World To Go To Adventure To Defeat.

New Characters

  • Dale eartelm
  • Yoshi
  • Pikachu
  • Queen Watever Wa,bi

Voice Cast

  • Owen Wilson as Fievel Mousewitz
  • Biacna forwards As Tanya Mousewitz
  • Carrie Fisher As Mama Mousewitz
  • Harrison Ford as Papa’s Father
  • Nertih Pressoff As Papa Mousewitz
  • Tauka zauma As Yoshi (Nintendo)
  • Dale Eartred as Himself
  • Pikachu as Himself
  • John Lee as Newsreporter 1#
  • Paul Newman As Grandpa (Fievel‘s GrandFather)
  • Tara Storng as Fievel Mousewitz (age 3-6)
  • Dominic Hollenbeck As Fievel Mousewitz (Age 12-14)
  • Pat Musick As Tony Topnio (Fievel‘s Friend)
  • Tithany Hassih as Queen Watever Wa,bi

Songs and Scores by John Wlilams

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