An Alchemist Tale (working title) is an animated TV show of the fantasy, action, adventure and comedy genres. This show will be a part of the The Shattered Chronicles of the The Sorcerer Chronicles. The show will focus on alchemy.


While Edward and Avriel trying to save Oceanbrit and its people, Nicolas will find himself on his own adventure. Away from the group, Nicoals finds himself stuck in a deep mud. After being accused of an assassination attempt of the Netherlands king whose he don't recall ever doing, Nicholas finds himself in the middle of a secret war between two alchemists that will decide the fate of humanity. He will meet new friends, face new enemies and he will face his own past mistakes that will hunt him till this very day.




Original Characters 

  • Nicolas Flamel the fifth

New Characters

  • Claud - A brilliant alchemist who was banished from the guild for reasons he prefer to not share.
  • Chloe - Claud's apprentice and Nicolas combat partner.
  • Vanessa - A young engineer who specializes in Magitek and Chloe's girlfriend (yep, they are lesbians).
  • Bernard Flamel - Nicolas's young brother.
  • Rockin, Aqvin, Twista and Embron - Four beings who assist Claud in his war against Faust. Rockin the prudent Gnome, Aqvin the intelligent Undine, Twista the enthusiastic Sylph and Embron the reckless Salamandr.


  • Faust - A deranged alchemist with mysterious powers who is bent on curing the world from its "greatest disease".
  • Merciron - One of Faust's lackeys, have control over mercury.
  • Salton - One of Faust's lackeys, have control over salt.
  • Solfin - One of Faust's lackeys, have control over sulfur.


  • Sebastian
  • Margaret


  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4
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