Amy is a 2021 horror-thriller directed by Joe Lynch.


The film begins with Amy and her father looking out the window as cop cars arrive. Amy's father tells her that what she is a curse that she should never give into. The film cuts to ten years later, with Amy graduating college. After the graduation she is approached by her former boyfriend Todd, who wants her back. Amy refuses, as he cheated on her, but he insists that he's changed and invites her to his house for a fun-filled weekend to prove so. Amy reluctantly accepts. Meanwhile, Anthony goes over to his friend Buddy's house and rants about how he was just fired. Buddy suggests that he should find a way to let out his anger. An evil smile appears on Anthony's face, and he tells Buddy that he has the perfect idea.

Amy appears at Todd's house, and Todd happily greets her. Todd reveals he's invited some of their classmates: cheerleader Brianna, underachiever Jeremy, stoner Blaze, weirdo Elise, poet Tyler, and jock Dave. The group has a fun-filled night after drinking and playing games. When the doorbell suddenly rings Dave goes to answer, and sees a group of masked strangers. The leader blows off Dave's head with a shotgun, horrifying the group. The leader announces that he and his four associates will hunt and kill them. He forces them to turn over their cellphones, and shoots Brianna in the leg when she attempts to escape with hers. He tells the group that they have five minutes to hide. As the group run away to find their spots the strangers take off their masks, revealing themselves to be Anthony, Buddy, and their friends Sabrina, Eric, and Gunther. Buddy shows resistance, but Anthony threatens to kill him, causing a terrifying Buddy to reluctantly agree to go on with the plan.

Elise goes into the kitchen and attempts to escape out a window, but is killed by Sabrina. Tyler attempts to hide in the attic but Brianna's yells of pain threaten to give away his position, forcing him to snap her neck. Tyler seems proud of this moment and celebrates, but Gunther appears behind Tyler and kills him. Amy goes up to the bedroom and attempts to lock the door, but Eric gets in before she can. Just as Eric gets Amy in a chokehold, he is suddenly flung across the room. Realizing she's telekinetic, she focuses hard and causes the ceiling fan to fall onto Eric, killing him. Terrified and amazed by her new power, Amy decides to use her newfound powers to defend herself.

Flint attempts to escape but is found by Sabrina. Jeremy wanders into the room and finds Flint lying on the floor, coughing up blood. Flint bids goodbye to a tearful Jeremy, and dies in his arms. Jeremy is attacked by Sabrina and the two begin fighting, Jeremy reluctantly. Meanwhile, Amy uses Eric's corpse to lure Gunther, and she kills him. Amy finds Todd hiding in his room, and the two agree to work together to make it out alive. Buddy and Anthony find Gunther and Eric's corpses, horrifying Buddy and causing him to insist that he wants no part in this. Anthony, becoming more deranged, chops off Buddy's index finger and forces him to continue.

Amy and Todd walk in on Sabrina about to kill Jeremy. Amy uses her powers to impale Sabrina on the antlers of a stuffed moose head. Anthony and Buddy arrive. Anthony congratulates Amy, but shoots Todd. Amy throws Anthony against the wall but Anthony taunts her, saying that she's just as much of a monster as he is. Amy coldly tells him that she doesn't care and kills him. Amy goes to Todd and tries to nurse him back to health, but quickly turns on him once she realizes he still has feeling for his ex. Filled with anger Amy takes Buddy's gun and kills Todd. Cop cars suddenly arrive outside and Amy falls down on the floor and passes out due to the memory from the opening. Amy, now covered in blood, gets up and scares Jeremy and Buddy. With a smile on her face Amy walks outside. A cop asks her what she did to which she replies, "You don't wanna fucking know."

In a post credits scene Jeremy and Buddy awkwardly sit together in a cop car. Buddy apologizes for the murders and asks if Jeremy if he wants to hang out, which Jeremy accepts.


Zoey Deutch as Amy

Asa Butterfield as Todd

Eduardo Franco as Jeremy

David Tennant as Anthony

Moises Arias as Flint

Steve Zahn as Buddy

Avan Jogia as Tyler

Madison Iseman as Brianna

Michelle McLeod as Elise

Billie Lourd as Sabrina

Travis Hammer as Eric

Kane Hodder as Gunther

Jack Griffo as Dave


The film is a commentary on power, and how it affects people. In the beginning of the film Amy is a perfect student, who has moved on from the mysterious powers from her past. Once she rediscovers the powers however, she relishes in her new abilities, gaining less and less empathy for her victims and eventually killing the person who meant the most to her. In contrast, Jeremy is seen as a loser, but his horror of the situation is what causes him to survive.

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